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Money Saving Winter Roofing Tips- Spot Out Faulty Gutters Yourself
by CDCcontracting
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A good roof is perhaps one of the most important investments a homeowner can make. Any good investment requires good maintenance. One of the most crucial factors in upholding a roofing system is the quality of the gutter maintenance. Neglecting your gutters can cause storm damage that will cost thousands of dollars to repair that could have been avoided with proper upkeep. But how does a person really know when their gutters need more immediate attention? How can a homeowner say it is time to call in the roofing contractor to work on the gutters or clean them? Here are few signs that tell when your gutter actually needs some attention:

  • Rusty and slumping gutter – Rust is obviously a sign of old age. If rust built up rather quickly, then you should speak to a roofing expert about preventive measures to address the moisture. A rusty gutter is prone to build-ups and clogging because of its texture. Slumping does not help either as it does not allow the water to flow according to how gutters were initially designed. Once you observe these things, replace the gutters to prevent more serious issues.

  • Loose gutter – A loose gutter is a potential hazard for your family. This needs to be addressed immediately before it can hurt anyone in the house. Needless to say a hanging gutter will not work properly because of its uneven position. This problem requires immediate fixing not only to put back the gutter in a working position, but to also save your family from falling gutters.

  • Exterior wall damage – Wall damage is a clear sign that water is not flowing properly through the gutter. As a result, some of the water leaks toward the exterior walls of the house, which causes paint to peel and some wooden materials to rot more quickly and easily. If you observe exterior wall damage, check the gutters for any clogs and holes. A clogged gutter will cause too much build up on one side and will eventually overflow through the gaps and holes causing leakage that can lead to serious damage around the nearby area.

  • Clogs – The problem with clogs is that not all of them are easy to clear. Clogging indicates that a significant amount of water maybe pooling somewhere, or maybe seeping into inside the house without you knowing it. It has to go somewhere eventually. Clogs are prevented by regularly checking for debris that could potentially flow with the water down the spout. Serious clogging might require cutting the gutters down just to get the obstruction out. Hence, if preventative measures are not taken to avoid serious clogging you could end up sitting on a huge bill down the lines. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so do not wait for clogs to build up, and check those gutters regularly for debris and smooth water flow.

A lot of gutter problems can be avoided by regular cleaning and inspection. Gutter problems cannot be ignored as they can lead to more serious damages all around the house. Keep these things in mind so you know when your gutters need attention. Taking the time to regularly check your gutters for damage sounds tedious and time-consuming but any damage that is detected early can save you thousands of dollars and prevent a lot of potential headaches.

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Lewis Read
October 15, 2015
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Roofing 102: Installing A Flat Roof in 10 Steps
by CDCcontracting
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Flat Roofing Queens
Flat Roofing Queens
Welcome to roofing 102. Today we will be teaching your how to install flat roofing in 10 steps. So to all those do it yourself handy man types; This one goes out to you.

1. Your home is a valuable asset and that is why we start off by using sheets of plywood to protect your home from any debris splashes. If necessary we are equipped to set up scaffolding as well.

2. We completely strip your roofing all the way down to the root.

3. Now that your roofing is stripped down to the bare wood we apply a 1/2 inch insulation board. Next, we add a layer of fiberglass base sheet. These are both locked into place using plates and screws or nails.

4. Next up in the roofing sandwich is the installation of SBS cold apply rubber roofing. It's installed using Trawl grade adhesive.

5. We move on to secure the roofing to the wall using an aluminum termination bar, flashing cement and roof membrane. Ceramic granules are use to cover this layer to protect the cement from the sun.

6. State laws usually require flat roofing to have a working latch. This is why we build new hatch covers and we cover these covers with a special galvanized metal skin.

7. If any skylights need repair or replacement they will be addressed at this point.

8. A flange gutter is required for the flat roof application. This is the point where we install the gutter.

9. Wall scuppers are installed onto copper or aluminum.

10. Finally we remove all the debris from the site so that you can enjoy the new flat roof.

This information was contributed by CDC Roofing Queens. One of the premier contractors in the five boroughs and Long Island. From flat, rubber, metal, tile, shingle and slate roofing, we've got you covered. Contact us at: CDC Roofing Queens 75-27 141st Pl Flushing, NY 11367 (917) 592-0844. Visit our Roofing Queens Ledger listing today. And remember DIY homeowners if these steps seem out of your reach than don't try this one at home.

Written by: Thomas Bohm on 12/09/2013 for the Queens Ledger Roofing Blog

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Lewis Read
November 27, 2015
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