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Do you know the Gucci Suede Babouska Boston Bag
by yelizheng937
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Do you know the 90th anniversary of Gucci is coming? In order to celebrate this meaningful time, Gucci has released a campaign called“Forever Now” combined with the Gucci Artisan Traveling Tour to presents you the grand tradition of Gucci. By the time, Gucci's artisans is about to taking a journey to the world wide.

It is learnt that Gucci's artisan will reach America today and it keeps open at Gucci San Francisco with a span of two days. Then in the days to come, the Gucci's Artisans will Beverly Hills and Chicago with the destination the Gucci 5th Avenue Flagship. It is on the date April 29 that the campaign comes to a pause.

If you are interested in following the steps of the Gucci's Artisans, you have to pay attention to their agenda. In fact, the artisans of Gucci will have had the touch of Gucci bags finished. What is more? In fact, in each Gucci store. In this way, you can acquire more knowledge about the tradition and culture of Gucci. Besides, you can see how skillful the artisans are.

It has double black leather handles with gorgeous suede leather in black and antique brass hardware. Two elements are characteristics of the Gucci Suede Babouska Boston Bag. One is the heart-shaped Gucci charm and the other is the studs embellishment. More details are a zipper closure, a zipper pocket and a cell phone pocket. I always love studs on a bag. In my opinion, they will never be out of style and they go with everything. Like the Gucci Suede Babouska Boston Bag, you can’t go wrong when choosing your outfits.

No wonder that studs are the key element on the bag. But I think the studs here are maybe too many. Unlike other studded handbags, maybe it might look a bit outdated in a year or two. It holds a dimension of 14.6" x 8.3" x 9.8", very practical. Again the embroidery adds fun to the bag. Obviously, I have jumped on it though it might not be so perfect in my eyes. But it is cooler than other Gucci bags or Gucci purses.

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August 02, 2010
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Gucci Special Edition Sukey Tote Bag
by yelizheng937
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This Gucci bags comes in the usual crocodile leather design, showing interesting and luxurious texture that already makes this piece a smashing hit. It is actually available in two color versions, which are Blue  and Black, though I find the latter more elegant and chic-looking than the former which looks more casual. The black version also looks metallic in its sheen finish, thus it looks more apt for evening use as well.

Indeed, this Gucci clutch is somewhat large at 16? x 8? x 3? inches. ’sigrid’ evening bag with metal and enamel detail.black crocodile nickel hardware snap closure inside mirror inside pocket cotton linen lining.

You know this gucci purses is priced expensively considering the fact that her every creation is indeed a luxury.


How times flies. Gucci handbags, as part of its partnership with UNICEF–now entering its sixth year–has launched a year-long special edition “Gucci for UNICEF” Sukey bag in grey La Pelle Guccissima, with 25 percent of the retail price benefiting UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” campaign.

Where did the name come from, you ask? Last February, Gucci bags, at its UNICEF fundraising event in New York, auctioned off a “Gucci Experience, Milan” package whereby the winner had the opportunity to name a Gucci bag. Thus a best-selling bag was born! Personally, I really love the color–a nice grey leather bag complements nearly every color outfit out there, creating a nice contrast.

This particular bag makes a nice transition from day into night and features plenty of roomy inside pockets to stay organized. On the outside, a key ring featuring Gucci  iconic retro GG logo is affixed to one end. At the end of the day, though, you can’t go wrong with a chic bag that benefits charity.

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Luxury leathers goods Louis vuitton handbags
by yelizheng937
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Nowadays Louis vuitton handbags are notorious for attracting the attention and sense of prestige which is most likely why so many high profile celebrities carry them. Many celebrities purchase their Louis vuitton hand bags from eluxurysin.com across the country.

Many celebrities purchase their Louis vuitton hand bags from eluxurysin.com across the country. On this website, you can find the better price for all the Louis vuitton hand bags, purses and wallets. Their prices are highly competitive and you must thoroughly compare the prices with other live stores to know the specialty of eluxurysin.com. The ultimate aim of this online store is to provide the louis vuitton handbags at affordable rate to their customers and ensure customer satisfaction. All the products you have ordered are shipped and delivered without delay. If you want to find more collections of Louis vuitton hand bags please pay a visit to this site now.

,handbags. In 1909, the Vuitton family, with silk and wool Kashmir travel blankets, scarves and later became a pioneer quilt cover. A good brand always has unlimited inspiration for the future force, the same time, a good brand is always constant in the years to complete the process of canonization.

In 1914, Louis Vuitton bags finally the world famous Champs Elysees avenue in Paris, No. 70 opened the world's largest travel leather goods shop. 7-story building amazing.

Adhering to the original concept, based on Louis Vuitton  also insisted on the continuous innovation, Keepall handbag, overturned the previous concept of people's handbags, while a soft canvas addictive. Louis Vuitton's first perfume was also born in surprise, "Heuresdabsence" is a romantic name, represents the LV brand new exploration.

Louis Vuitton  brand hundred and fifty years has been to advocate refined, quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy", as the starting basis for the design. Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) the name spread throughout Europe as a symbol of the finest travel products. Continued to this day, regardless of later extending out of leather goods, scarves, or watches, pens, and even clothes, are based on Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) hundred and fifty years to advocate refined, quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy", as the the starting basis for the design, LV classic presbyopia.

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October 30, 2010
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linda ray
June 07, 2011
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