the value of self-forgetfulness
by greenflying
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After describing the extreme austerities of the order, Miss Goodman says (Expe-riences of an English Sister of Mercy, p. 7):Several attempts have been made by the friends of monas-ticism NFL jerseys to detract from the value of Miss Goodman's testimony on destroying simplicity and self-forgetfulness" Setting aside the question whether such a life causes us to neglect social duties, it is doubtful whether it really trains the soul to throwback jerseys any high degree of holiness, or is elevating to the character. It ap-peared to some who watched it to have the effect of narrowing the sympathies, of engendering ignorance, self-conceit, and spiritual pride, and of altogether.I have heard ladies acquainted with the conven-tual life remark that nuns, as a class, exhibit much petty selfishness and self-complacency; yet the nun's waking hours are supposed to be spent almost entirely in thinking over her sins. She examines herself and re-examines herself—in short, so trains her mind to dwell upon herself, that at last she has no control of her thoughts. Thus all her little concerns become so magnified that she will shed floods of tears if her cap be starched too stiffly." New Orlean Saints jerseys

And again, regarding abstinence from natural food, which is always, by some fatality, made the Cleveland Browns Jerseys first merit of asceticism, as if the Gnostic blasphemy were true, and the Creator of the world were an evil Being, whose bounteous gifts we should please the true God by rejecting with disdain,—Miss Goodman says of its moral results (and we believe that the experience of all who have tried it will corroborate her San Diego Chargers Jerseys judgment):—the subject. The facts and conclusions, however, quoted in the pre-sent paper, have never been answered in any way. We Minnesota Vikings jerseys have no doubt that Miss Goodman's forthcoming book will meet all other objections satisfactorily.

" I cannot tell why it is supposed that fasting, be-sides being a mortification, is likely to prove a means of making us indifferent to the
New York Giants Jerseys promptings of the flesh; why it is thought that, under such circum-stances, the soul should be less dragged down by the body, and therefore capable of higher flights. I have heard those who have tested this by experience say, that during a severe fast, when walking the streets, engaged in work, in church, or wherever they might football jerseys Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys be, their thoughts would run off from that in which they ought to be occupied, and in imagination they were counting the loaves in some baker's shop, or something of that kind."—A friend of our own, who once carried such prac-tices extremely far, New England Patriots Jerseys gave this very remarkable testi-mony of their results:—" I think the chief effects were that I thought only of myself, and that I grew very hard-hearted towards my fellow-creatures. Instead of feeling for the poor and suffering as I used to do, I came to think, ' Well, after all, they are not more uncomfortable than lam.'"

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