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For your convenience, The Law Offices of Roman Aminov has offices located in Flushing, Queens & Brooklyn, NY. Whether you are looking for estate planing, probate, elder law, or real estate needs Roman Aminov and his team are here to assist you every step of the way. Call today to set up an appointment for a confidential free consultation.


Estate Planning in The NY Boroughs:

Planing your estate is not as easy as ABC. That's why the Law Offices of Roman Aminov gives clients the attention they deserve to plan out their wills, living trust processes, and financial goals. The Law Offices of Roman Aminov can provide you with references from satisfied clients in areas like Forest Hills, Jamaica, and Astoria Queens.


Elder Law:

Medicaid planning is one of our areas of expertise. Elder law planning is vital to protect your home and assets and that is why we have a system in place to attend to any type of needs you may have when it comes to planning for your future.


Probate Lawyers From Queens To Brooklyn:

Losing a close family member is very difficult. We will help you deal with the courts and the rest of the legal maze that is required to attain and distribute your funds. So whether you need probate Flushing, Brooklyn, or NYC services contact us today. In an effort to get the general public more attuned to elder law matters, The Law Offices of Roman Aminov would like to invite you to our estate planning blog. Many patrons have recently inquired about what assets are legally inherited from their spouse and if their spouse can disinherit them from the will or estate. Did you ever ask yourself, what is the probate process in NY? If so, it's time to call the Law Offices Of Roman Aminov and set up a free consultation.

Visit our Brooklyn Office at: Law Offices Of Roman Aminov 1600 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY 11230 (347) 766-2682. Visit our Queens office at: Law Offices Of Roman Aminov 147-17 Union Turnpike, Flushing, NY 11367 (347) 766-2685. Please call ahead of time to schedule an appointment with Roman Aminov.

If your loved one did not leave a will for whatever reason, you must go through the NY estate administration process to retrieve what you deserve.

In any event, the estate administration and probate law process in Queens can be overwhelming without a legal adviser by your side.


Real Estate Attorneys NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan):

From contract to closing, The Law Offices of Roman Aminov can help you with all your real estate needs. The Law Office of Roman Aminov makes Purchasing Real Estate in Queens and negotiating a contract that will suite the homeowner easy. Whether you are buying your first home, a vacation home or a commercial investment choosing the right real estate attorney can change the whole complexion of the purchase. Don't be misled by lawyer offering really cheap closing costs. Closing your property with an inexperienced attorney can cost you thousands down the line. NY real estate laws can be difficult to navigate and that is why only a really experienced attorney should be trusted.


Medicaid Planning & Elder Law for Queens Seniors

The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov has always been an advocate of long term care insurance. For many who cannot afford private insurance plans, Medicaid becomes vital in planning for a safer future. A really large amount of senior citizens and workers claims have been coming into medicaid over the last few years. There are a lot of intricacies in Medical planning. Medicaid can jeopardize ones assets down the road if no preventative measures are taken during the initial planning. Medicaid planning with a Medicaid trust is one way we can help protect your home. If you are entering your golden years you must understand all the pertaining laws very clearly. Understanding elder laws in Queens like we do is not something that happens overnight. We have years of experience helping the elderly navigate through the elder law and medicaid maze. so call today for a free case consultation. Queens has a very high blue collared workers population. For this exact reason medicaid law cases and workers compensation law cases have been increasing. Only a qualified medicaid lawyer can help a blue collared worker navigate through the intricacies of personal versus government issued health insurance. There are a lot of complicated laws these days that can effect your eligibility for Medicaid. One of the most dreaded and confusing laws related to government compensation for your medical bills is the "Medicaid five years back law". Under this law one who is eligible for Medicaid today may be penalized for any gifts or assets that they inherited over the last 5 years. They may have to wait a few months or years for a full five years to pass from the time they received this gift so that they will not incur any penalties.


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Did you knows about Estate Planning & Elder Law:

Did you know the legal Status Of A Will Signed By A Dementia Patient that clearly may does have memory & thinking skills that are up to the par of society.


Special Needs Planning

Did you know that doctors, senior citizens, the disabled and many more require special typed of retirement plan for their estate. Healthcare professionals for example are very wealthy. The asset distribution to their inheritors can be very tricky without a legal professional. The law offices of Roman Aminov highly recommends that estate planning pertaining to medical professionals should be handled by an experienced attorney. Those on medicaid or government assistance also need very special and detail oriented planning. From wills to long term healthcare many issues will arise when trying to plan the future of those on disability. Those who are seeking a will and on government assistance should contact a local legal professional.

If for any reason someone who has special needs or anybody for that manner has passed away without leaving a will you will need to learn all about the probate and estate administration process probate and estate administration process.


Probate is the process in which the deceased persons assets are claimed by his heirs. In the event no will was left behind the process will be legally referred to as estate administration. Both are a very grueling process that can take hours upon hours at a local court. We always advise our clients to hire a legal professional to expedite the inheritance & probate process.

The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov would like to remind you that a will is a very delicate and confidential document. Whether you have a basic or a special needs will you probably will not want the information shares with your loved ones. Do not take any chances when it comes to the security of your top secret information. Learn more about where you should keep your will. For any information regarding any legal issues discussed on this page call our firm now and set up a consultation.

The Chamber Of Commerce Estate & Probate Lawyer

The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov has recently been recognized by two very special chamber of commerce's. We have featured by the Brooklyn Chamber for our efforts in serving local residents with grade A probate, elder & estate law services. With that said we cordially invite you to visit the Brooklyn Chamber Probate & Estate law page. Across the river in the borough of Manhattan sits another very special local chamber. We would like to thank them for all their hard work bringing local business owners together in efforts to advance common causes. We invite you to visit our newly recognized Manhattan Chamber Estate Attorney page today. We always knew that giving clients legal advice was the right thing to do. We make sure that anyone who walks into the office understands exactly what they need to do to plan the future of their estate. That must be the reason that we have been also been recognized by the Legal Advice Website for our excellence in helping patrons find the legal help they need.

Putting Property In A Child's name

Have you thought about adding your children to the title or deed of your home. Do you really think that doing so will give you more privileges with medicaid? One of the most common issues we discuss with our clients is putting a home on their children's names. The reality is that in most cases deeding your home to a loved one will not help you escape medicaid from trying to claim your home and will likely not help you avoid probate.

Probate & Estate Law Service Area

Did you know that our firm serves clients all over the county of Queens? We proudly offer estate and probate lawyer services to clients throughout NYC, including areas like Flushing not to mention spectacular areas like Astoria and of course Bayside. Our firm never leaves Bellerose residents stranded either. We love to serve the all American area of College Point as well. Nobody represents Queens better than Corona residents and many of our clients call from their as well. We even reach as far south east as Far Rockaway. We are very popular in central Queens areas like Forest Hills and Jamaica as well. Many of our customers also come from areas as far west as Jackson Heights and as far north as Hollis. Many of our clients call from Howard Beach. After hurricane Sandy residents of this area became really concerned about the future of their asset's. Long Island City has seen a big real estate boom and we can surely help many residents living their. We also have a strong following in Maspeth and the lovely picturesque town of Middle Village. Our office is close to the LIE making it an easy ride for Oakland Gardens  and Queens Village patrons. South Ozone Park is a very short drive from out office as well and the same can be said about St. Albans. If you use public transportation than getting to our office from  Rego Park  and Ridgewood will be a breeze. Our office if actually walking distance from Fresh Meadows making us very popular in the area. If you live near the G or R subway lines then you will easily be able to get from Woodhaven or Woodside to our law offices. Using the Van Wyck Expressway you can be at our office from Whitestone within minutes. Finally, we will not forget about good old Kew Gardens which is a convenient 3-5 minute drive from out estate planning & probate law offices.
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