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June 25, 2012


Anthony Lombardi Principal, PS 49 located at  79-15 Penelope Avenue,           Middle Village,NY 11379

A man who had vision when he came to this school, made it his priority, collaborated with the teachers, made some changes, and the end result speaks for itself.   Mr. Lomabardi  had to overcome oppositions and dealt with it. He had to undergo internal investigations and the results were in his favor. His success, is attributed to hard work, team effort from the teachers to visualize his combining academics with music. Now currently this School P.S. 49 has 5 additional hours per week for the students to learn more, and in turn giving the teachers more work and hours of pay. A fabulous achievement, and one that has made students, their parents and teachers very happy. Now lastly, with so much positive happenings in this School, it is no wonder why the ratings have shot up with the Board of Education, and within the Community as well. Now our Community has another top rated School, in Middle Village,NY 11379, P.S.49.

Final Note: This Principal, Anthony Lomabrdi of P.S. 49 indirectly has achieved another milestone. That is making the Community of Middle Village,  more desirable and stronger, due to his turning this Public School completely around for the better. 


For this I wish to personally say, Thank You! The sentiments from the parents students, and teachers are the same. The Board of Education, and the Mayors' office should be Proud of you!

You are A 'Winner', and you have made a Big difference in Middle Village, New York!

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June 26, 2012
Hats off to Lombardi, his staff and the Teachers of P.S.49.

I might add, thanks for an article that sheds a light on others in the Community, who bring positive changes that are welcomed by parents, their children and give the word Harmony a new meaning.

Efforts and achievements like this should be recognized and duly noted by all.

Thank you again Mr. Anthony Lombardi, Principal of P.S.49,

Middle Village,NY.

Also a quick thank you to the Editor, Jim Turano, for his time to write and select a deserving individual worthy of such praise, in our great Community.
June 25, 2012
Refreshing to hear such positive news in Middle Village,NY

Instead of the redundant articles being put out Re: 'what is always wrong with Communities' by leaders of organizations, this article belongs on the front page of every local newspaper.

Fantastic Article!