"Supercommittee" far from it
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Dear Editor:

It appears that our very own home grown billionaires have decided to follow the lead of their wealthy French counterparts. They want to pay more taxes to help their country.

They will place a $10 billion tax increase on the November 2010 California ballot. They want to pay more taxes in order to aid the country ,which allowed them to reach their exalted financial position. Furthermore, two-thirds of Americans, as well as 53 percent of Republicans, also want taxes increased on the 1 percent. Needles to say the 99 percent agree.

It is enlightening to see that our wealthy are willing to pay their fair share of taxes, whereas Republican politicians, as well as the Blue Dog Democrats, insist on ignoring the wishes of the “People-People” while siding with their wealthy “Corporate-People” and banking benefactors.

We recently saw the failure of the “supercommittee.” It was fated to fail, how could it not when six of the twelve members were zombies who had pledged to some insignificant ‘06 scandal involving corporate lobbyist Grover Norquist not to increase taxes under any circumstances?

These are supposedly intelligent representatives of the American people, yet the fact that they would pledge “under no circumstances” to any future action obliterates their ability to make judgments based on ever-changing circumstances.

So there they were supposedly on a noble mission to help our county, their country, conquer its debt and fiscal nightmare and all they could do is echo the mantra of today’s Republican Party: no!


Christopher Nicholas

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