2009 High School Scholarship Opportunities
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Choosing the right fit for a student also includes financial considerations as well. As tuition continues to creep up at private schools, so do the number of scholarship opportunities both in your community and at the school. If you have worked hard to achieve great marks in grade school, the possibility of getting a scholarship to attend a private high school is good.

Our research on the scholarships available from the schools is quite surprising. Monies available vary at each school from year to year and there is a good deal of scholarship dollars available if your choice meets with the school’s needs in a student like you. Although it might appear that it happens much the same way it does for a student applying for college, it does not.

In applying for college, students send out applications and colleges send them back a letter stating acceptance and how much in scholarship and aid dollars they are willing to give you. For the student applying to a top high school, a choice of schools (in order of preference) must be recorded.

The choice of schools you wish to attend is crucial to the schools themselves. Our top high schools will not typically offer any scholarship to a student who puts their school as second or third choice.

“We want to attract top performing students who choose us first and are interested in a strong Catholic education,” said Nick Melito, admissions director at Monsignor McClancy High School in East Elmhurst.

St. John’s Prep in Astoria uses another method of finding students they will offer scholarships to.

“We find that the student who wants to be here is our best student and the best fit in our strong school community, and we give a scholarship test where the top 30 scorers are offered scholarships,” explained William Higgins, principal of St. John’s Prep.

Alumni are an integral part of our Top High Schools. Msgr. McClancy boasts that 25 percent of the staff at the school are alumni. Alumni Associations are not taken lightly anymore, and some serious dollars are brought in to our Top High Schools by alumni associations in order to fund scholarship programs. These scholarship dollars keep their school at the top of the minds of the highest achieving 8th grade students.

“Alumni want the best students because excellent students get accepted to great colleges. When our students are accepted to an Ivy League schools like Cornell, it makes alumni proud as well. Offering scholarship money to a top performing 8th grader, who chooses our school first represents the best way we can spend our alumni donation dollars,” said Brother James O’Grady, director of Alumni relations at McClancy.

The Tests

The general admissions test is called TACH(Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools). Some schools put more admissions and scholarship weight on those standardized test scores, while others lean more towards grades. A few give their own tests, and if you score high enough, you will be offered all kinds of financial incentives to enter the school. Most admissions directors want to make sure you really prefer their school, so be sure to consider making it your first choice when you put choices down on your TACHS exam.

Most schools remain consistent from year to year with how much they offer and to what kind of students. One thing remains constant; if you score well on tests, more than one school will probably offer you money, either in scholarship or financial aid. So do your homework!

St. Francis Prep awarded nearly 100 incoming students some kind of financial scholarship award in 2009. There are typically almost 3,000 applicants for the 700 freshmen seats.

St. John’s Prep in Astoria awards numerous academic scholarships, most of which come from the school’s Board of Directors. A test is administered, with the top ten scorers receiving full scholarships, the following ten being offered half-tuition, and the next ten receiving quarter-tuition. Only students who have an overall average of 85 or above are encouraged to take the exam.

Holy Cross wants their school as their first choice on the TACHS exam. They offer a coveted “Alumni Scholarship” named after the alumni of the school who fund it.

The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates has an enrollment of 975 students – where first choice is imperative to get a scholarship offering - and $250,000 in scholarship money is typically designated for the incoming class.

St. Agnes in College Point is a college preparatory high school for young women. They offer a competitive Scholarship Exam. They award scholarships based on that test and the TACHS exam. St. Agnes is one of the schools on our list who also offers smaller monetary awards to deservin’ students.

Molloy awards scholarships through a competitive scholarship exam to students who achieve at least a 93 average in Math, English, Science and History at the end of grade seven.

Msgr. McClancy reports great opportunities for their scholarship program. Msgr. McClancy prefers to give scholarship offers to students who choose the school as their number one choice. In years past students with 90 to 94 averages would typically be offered partial scholarships, while students who hold averages above 95 would fall into the full scholarship category, as long as their discipline was fine and TACHS scores were above 90.

Martin Luther High School in Maspeth offers scholarship awards based on scores from an entrance and scholarship exam. Typically, the top 20 scorers will be offered financial incentives for attending the school

Dominican Academy, for girls, in a cozy townhouse on East 68th Street in Manhattan, has said students who score well on the TACHS and indicate interest in their school are invited to take a scholarship test in January. Fifteen to 25 scholarships are typically available, and 46 percent of their students live in Queens or Brooklyn.

Xavier High School, on 16th Street in Manhattan, is a Catholic Jesuit College Preparatory school and has about 985 students from the five boroughs, Long Island, and New Jersey. A scholarship test must be taken in November in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Bishop Ford High School offering full, half and quarter scholarships to students based on their performance on the TACHS test. The school says that they offer scholarships to about 200 applicants. They do consider first, second or third choice from candidates on the TACHS listing for their scholarship offers.

Notre Dame in Greenwich Village is quickly becoming a school of choice for top female academic candidates from Queens and Brooklyn. For scholarships, they use TACHS as well as grade school marks. Students should put Norte Dame as their first or second choice. The school awards about 20 percent of incoming freshmen scholarship dollars.

At St. Saviour High School in Brooklyn, there are scholarships for applicants who has had a mom, sister, or grandmother who attended the school. Other scholarships are awarded to students who list St. Saviour as a one or two choice.

Kew-Forest School typically has 15 new freshmen in a grade of about 45 students. Scholarships are awarded as financial aid only, and after the child is accepted to the school.

Last year, St. Vincent Ferrer, on East 65th Street in Manhattan, gave scholarships based on TACHS Exam scores and 6th, 7th, and 8th grade marks. On TACHS, scores must be 90 percent or better to potentially qualify for the Scholars Program, as well as a two-thirds tuition scholarship over four years, while others who do not qualify for scholarships can still be admitted to the honors program. Scholars will receive about $20,000 over the four years.

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Natalie Wood
March 02, 2010
I removed my child from a Catholic high school because I discovered that she was surrounded by criminals who were stealing from her. Her graphing calculator and cell phone were stolen and the deans looked the other way. Why pay money for a Catholic school when you can get robbed in a public school for free?