A license to kill for unlicensed drivers?
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There's an old argument that pops up every time there's a public tragedy involving a mass shooting. A rampant supporter of gun rights usually reminds the person arguing in favor of stricter control that cars are more dangerous than guns, and therefore we should be regulating cars more.

Thoughts on the Second Amendment and attacking a straw man aside, there's some truth there. It's time we get more serious about who can be behind the wheel.

Last week, the life of an eight-month-old child was cut tragically short by an unlicensed driver backing out of a driveway on Astoria Boulevard.

The penalty for operating a vehicle without a license needs to be a severe deterrent. It shouldn't be a quick fine you pay.

If you're driving as part of your job, a $75 to $300 won't deter you from taking the wheel if it means a making more than that by taking a chance and skirting the law.

More importantly, for unlicensed drivers that kill or seriously injure someone, jail time needs to be the punishment, regardless of the circumstances.

Legislators passed a bill in the State Senate that would make the act a felony, but now the Assembly needs to follow suit and Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to sign the bill when it gets to his desk.

The senseless action that took the life of an infant could have so easily been avoided. It wasn't a moment of chance, but of carelessness. Legislators need to do everything they can to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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