After Sunday’s Embarrassing Behavior, It’s Time For Talented Giants WR Odell Beckham To Grow Up.
by John Jastremski
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Sunday’s game between the Giants and the Carolina Panthers was one of the most bizarre football games I’ve watched in quite a while.

Yes, the game had its fair share of drama and a ton of meaningful moments throughout in what turned out to be another heartbreaking Giants defeat, but it felt like the action on the field was secondary.

How is that possible? 38-35, instant classic, how could the game be secondary?

Well, Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr’s antics with Carolina Panthers corner Josh Norman made it seem like a WWE pay-per-view event instead of a football game.

It’s unfortunate, because I expect a lot more out of one of the best wide receivers in the sport, but Odell Beckham showed me he has a lot of growing up to do.

There’s no defense of his behavior Sunday.

Sorry, there’s no way I can excuse three unnecessary roughness penalties, constant antics and a helmet-to-helmet blow on a defenseless Josh Norman.

The hit alone on Norman warranted immediate ejection. I was baffled the officiating crew did not eject Beckham on the spot for that classless play.

On Sunday, Odell Beckham put his personal beef with Josh Norman and the Carolina Panthers above what was actually going on the field.

I know there are Beckham apologists trying to draw up a defense of Beckham’s behavior. I’m not condoning the Carolina Panthers potentially using homophobic slurs or threatening Beckham with a “bat” that they bring out to the field on a weekly basis as a prop, so if indeed Beckham was mistreated pregame, the league should look into it.

That being said, it doesn’t offer Beckham an excuse for acting like a complete clown against the Panthers.

His behavior did not represent what the Giant organization is all about. I’m sure vigilante behavior is not what Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch expect to see out of their players, especially their most talented wide receiver.

The league was totally justified to suspend Beckham’s for Sunday’s game against the Vikings pending appeal.

Odell Beckham embarrassed himself, the Giants uniform and the National Football League, but you have to wonder, when a player repeatedly commits ridiculous penalty after ridiculous penalty, shouldn’t the coach reprimand that specific player?

Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin is a man of principle, a man of discipline, but yet on Sunday when Odell Beckham was acting like a complete fool, he did not address the issue in any way during the game.

Beckham was not yanked from the game; he was not scolded or disciplined, why?

It’s a fair question to ask if you’re a fan of the New York Giants. Is it because Tom Coughlin is desperate to save his job that he would neglect the behavior of his most talented player?

It’s certainly a possibility, but it’s quite contradictory behavior from a coach who first promised back in 2004 when he was hired that he would have a well disciplined football team.

It didn’t look that way on Sunday. In 2004 or 2007 or 2011, is Tom Coughlin keeping Odell Beckham in the game after three unnecessary roughness penalties?

No way, no how.

I like Odell Beckham. He’s a good kid, he’s passionate and he’s very good at his job, but I hope this incident is a wake up call for him.

There’s a certain way to carry yourself as an NFL player and you cannot put your personal beefs ahead of the interests of the team.

It’s time to grow up.

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