Attacking the U.S.
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Dear Editor,

For those who oppose and hate Donald Trump, nothing will change their feelings. For those who believe Trump is doing a fantastic job and deserves their support and future votes, nothing he will do shall alter their devotion.

The United States is called a democracy when in fact it is a republic. The difference is not a small matter.

Republics are governed by laws that a democratic majority must abide by. The majority can pass legislation that affects the laws but until that occurs the laws impose upon all citizens’ rights, duties and obligations.

When public officials are sworn in they take an oath to the constitution of the United States and to defend the nation from foreign and domestic enemies. If there is a question of laws being violated it is the duty of officials to investigate.

Special Counsel Robert Muller has been appointed to investigate possible crimes committed against the nation.

It is the way of politics to attack an investigation that may damage the political fortunes of a political party. To do more than give negative lip service against a prosecutor is to attempt to deny the people the means to seek the truth.

Any defendant charged has the right to a trial by a non-partial jury and as recent trials, i.e., Senator Mendez, have proven the people will judge the validity of any indictment.

The Founding Fathers are called upon by all political spectrums. Their genius in creating the structures of our democratic institutions are a daily gift. FAttack the special counsel is to reject the very basis upon which the nation was founded.


Ed Horn


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