Ben's warning
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Dear Editor,

There has never been an instance of migrants and caravans fleeing a capitalist country seeking refuge and asylum in a socialist country.

Most migrants who crossed our border left corrupt socialist regimes. They enthusiastically denounce capitalism and label the wealthy "rich fascist pigs."

Their demands for entitlements and subsidies are echoed and supported by progressives, liberals, socialists and college students calling for open borders.

What has gone unnoticed and unspoken is that America has become the "soup kitchen" for the world because of the wealth produced by capitalism. Capitalism is a system consisting of self-sustaining citizens creating wealth guaranteed equal opportunity by the government.

Socialism is a system consisting of dependent subsidized citizens guaranteed equal outcomes by the government.

In the name of diversity and compassion, we are being overwhelmed by people who are low skilled, poorly educated, don't speak English, are totally dependent on government subsidies and entitlements, despise capitalism and have an affinity for socialism.

I am haunted by Ben Franklin's disquieting response to a citizen who asked him after he signed the Constitution: "What have we got?" His reply: "A republic, if you can keep it."


Ed Konecnik


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