St. John's in the Big East Tournament
by NigelC
 The Bleachers
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(13) St. John's vs (5) Marquette

*FINAL: MARQUETTE 74, ST. JOHN'S 45* That's all folks. Marquette advances to face Villanova. The Red Storm were led in scoring by DJ Kennedy with 11. Off to the presser! Thanks for sticking around!

Boothe hits perhaps the last 3 of the season. Roberts with a steal and a layup. 74-45.

*4:40pm: Marquette 74, St. John's 40.* So all things considered, I have to wonder if St. John's considers this a successful season. They started really strong, but faltered against Big East opponents. They won their first tourney game in five years, but then were smoked in the second round- all without Anthony Mason Jr.

Kennedy with the alley oop from Boothe. 72-40. 2:47 remaining.

Stepped away? Unfortunately you haven't missed much. 72-38 Marquette with 3 minutes left to play.

Matthews with a 3. He's got 20. Paris Hone answers. 68-33.

Matthews with the pretty alley opp. 63-27. That's the first real highlight play of an otherwise lackluster game.

McNeal with a jumper, 57-25 Marquette.

The Garden's starting to empty out as St. John's fans head towards the exits. 55-25, 10:31 remaining.

Evans with a basket, Quincy Roberts with a foul going the other way. Timeout, 53-24, 11:13 remaining.

Cubillian with a a jumper. 53-22.

Horne with a basket. 51-22.

Fans chanting "We are Marquette." As McNeal hits a basket. 51-20, 12:30 remaining.

Thomas with a runner for St. John's, Hayward with the answer for Marquette. 47-18.

Butler fouled on a basket, hits the and 1. Marquette leads 43-16. 14:58 remaining.

Evans with a dunk off a pass from Burrell 40-16. (6-2 St. John's in the half)

McNeal fouled by Burrell, hit both free throws. 40-14

Horne with the steal and a big dunk. 38-14.

Both teams trade misses for a few, then Kennedy gets a basket off a goaltend by Matthews. 38-12.

3:47pm: Time to start the second half. Let's see if St. John's can hit some jumpers and get their confidence back. The game is already over, this is all about respect.

*HALFTIME MARQUETTE 38, ST JOHN'S 10* There are bad halfs, there are blowouts, and then there's this. St. John's shot 13.5% (3-23) from the field. The leading scorer for the Storm? Paris Horne with 4 points.

You want to be positive and look at a way for the Storm to get back in the game, but they can't shoot, they're not rebounding, and they're getting out run. The Georgetown win seems like months ago. This is an awful way for a season to end.

Matthews hits both free throws right before halftime. Equal mix of cheers and boos as the teams leave the court. *38-10 is the score.*

3:30pm Butler with a quick layup. 36-10. Horne misses a jumper. Matthews fouled by Horne on a breakaway.

Matthews with a 3. 34-10.

Justin Burrell hits a jumper, and the ENTIRE ARENA, including Marquette fans, cheer and applaud.

It's the Lazar Hayward show. Another basket. 31-8, 1:53 remaining. Hayward has 10 points, St. John's has 8.

Hayward with another jumper. 29-8 Marquette, 2:37 remaining.

Timeout Marquette. Fans are lightly booing the Red Storm.

Hayward with another basket, Kennedy with a miss at the other end 27-8 Marquette.

Matthews fouled again, hits 1 of 2. 25-8 Marquette, 4:30 remaining.

St. John's is shooting 12% from the field.

3:17pm Kennedy and Thomas miss shots for St. John's. Matthews is fouled at the other end for Marquette. Nails both free throws. 24-8 Marquette

3:10pm: St. John's needs a shooter and a rebounder for next year. I guess we're just waiting to see if Phil Wait can develop in a year or two.

Matthews nails a 3. St. John's calls a full timeout as the curtain begins to fall. 22-8 Marquette, 6:32 remaining.

Second chances, second chances. Hayward with a basket off a rebound as the shot clock expires. 19-8. Marquette.

Culbillian with a pretty layup. 17-8 Marquette. Timeout St. John's, 8:10 remaining.

Butler scores for Marquette, Horne answers for St. John's. 15-8 Marquette. This is one of those games that looks way worse than the score is. The shooting from both teams has just been awful.

Horne fouled by McNeal, hits both free throws. 13-6 Marquette.

3:02pm: Hayward with a pretty spinning layup. 13-4 Marquette.

2:58pm: Burke airballs a 3. Seems like Marquette is struggling to shoot just as much. Marquette is just getting more rebounds. Timeout, 11-4 Marquette, 11:38 remaining.

2:56pm: Evans tries to power into the basket, gets called for a charge. Storm can't shoot or bully their way to the basket right now. It's still close, but looking like a long afternoon.

Rob Thomas goes diving into the crowd after a loose ball. He's ok though.

McNeal with a jumper 11-4 Marqutte.

Boothe drains a jumper 9-4 Marquette

Turnover St. John's, Hayward on a breakaway but Horne blocks the layup from behind.

Burke with the putback basket. Marquette is getting a lot of rebounds early. 9-2 Golden Eagles. Timeout, 15:05 remaining.

2:46 Boothe and Kennedy on a fast break, Kennedy fouled by McNeal. Kennedy hits 1 of 2. 7-2 Eagles.

Horne misses a 3. St. John's struggling to shoot out there.

2:45: Butler fouled by Evans. Butler hits both free throws 7-1 Marquette.

2:44: Burke with a basket 5-1 Marquette.

2:43: McNeal fouled, hits 1 of 2 free throws, St. John's rebounds.

Hayward fouled Kennedy. Kennedy nails 1 of 2 free throws. 2-1 Marquette

Acker nails jumper, 2-0 Marquette.

2:40pm Horne called for foul, team's 1st.

2:40pm Marquette wins tip, basketball goes out of bounds, Eagles ball.

2:37pm: Starters have been announced, no surprised for St. John's. It's pretty electric in here.


St. John's: Kennedy, Burrell, Evans, Boothe, Horne

Marquette: Matthews, Hayward, Burke, Acker, McNeal
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March 12, 2009
Crummy game, but nice job! THx!`