Business As Usual As Knicks Slap Fans Across Face...Again
by John Jastremski
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Last week was one of the few weeks in the last 17 years where I actually had something positive to say about a decision that was made by James Dolan.

I was pleased about the decision to part ways with Phil Jackson and what it could mean for the potential future of the organization.

Well, a week has passed and unfortunately what you’ve learned is that it’s simply business as usual for the New York Knicks, the biggest joke in professional sports.

The last couple of days are a microcosm for why the Knicks have been such a joke for the better part of the last 17 years.

On Thursday night, I got word that the team signed Tim Hardaway, Jr., one of their former players, to a four-year, $71 million contract.

What? A guy that was traded away for a first-round pick a few years ago? The same player who was in the D-League back in 2015-16 is coming back to the Knicks for $71 million?

I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I was about to smash my phone into the ground. Why would a rebuilding team add a contract to the team that is untradeable?

It’s idiotic bidding against themselves and overpaying a fringe player.

That is a losing way of doing business. It’s the sort of mistake that sadly the Knicks have made far too many times over the years.

I’m beyond furious, but the news did not get any better over the weekend.

Over the past week, many outlets thought that there was a pretty good chance that the former Cavaliers GM was going to become the Knicks director of Basketball Operations.

It’s a move that would have made me very happy. David Griffin has a very good background, he’s won an NBA title, and is a well regarded NBA front-office type.

He’s the sort of guy you want involved with a full-tilt NBA rebuild, the sort of rebuild that is necessary at Madison Square Garden.

However, Griffin decided on Sunday to remove his name for consideration for the job.

Why? According to ESPN, Griffin was not in love with the idea of keeping a bunch of former Knicks staffers, scouts and others on his staff moving forward.

So the Knicks missed out on a highly qualified front-office guy because he wanted to bring his own people?

That’s embarrassing. That’s unacceptable.

Instead of bringing in a well-respected, savvy, highly qualified GM, the Knicks and James Dolan stay with the status quo.

Every indication is that Steve Mills will not only remain in the front office, but will become the new director of Basketball Operations.

That’s frightening on so many levels.

A man with zero track record of building a winning NBA organization will be responsible for turning the Knicks around.

Why does he get that opportunity? When you’re a Dolan Yes Man, the opportunities are endless at MSG.

You wonder why the Knicks continue to stink and why they have only won one playoff series in 17 years?

You wonder why the Knicks have won less than 33 games in ten seasons since 2000-2001?

You wonder why the Knicks are one of the biggest jokes in professional sports?

It’s starts at the top, and until ownership gives control to somebody who actually has a clue, the same problems will repeat themselves over and over again.

If I could give up the Knicks, I would. Sadly, they’re a like a nightmare you just keep re-living.

What else is new?

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