Can't stand when the Speaker speaks
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Dear Editor:

I am an avowed Liberal but try as I may, I just cannot warm up to Nancy Pelosi.

I am basically in harmony with her positions, however (call me shallow) her delivery with that, "deer caught in the headlights" glare, mummified expressionless delivery and her general demeanor during interviews leaves me questioning whether I agree with her or not, even though I completely concur with her words.

I'm certain that I am not alone. Her poor poll numbers are an invitation for those struggling to find a way to diminish Obama's popularity and discredit his goals, regardless of what ruse they must use to attack her in the process. She's an easy mark, a gift, and for them, a tool.

Now there is the CIA and torture, and whether or not her being informed that it was ongoing. She says they lied when they stated that the liar was she. Yes that's right...she actually accused the CIA of lying; our CIA whose very raison d'etre is based on deception; to secretly spy, mislead, whatever is necessary to achieve our goals, covert, divert, overt, invert, extravert or whatever'vert.....and she said they lied.

The feigned outrage by the likes of Gingrich, Rove, and Limbaugh that Pelosi should accuse the CIA of deception is a joke.

As tiring as once again I find listening to the Pelosi patter, continually disavowing the CIA contention and lying that she was fully informed as to their torture program, I ask That's their job, isn't it? Let's hope they are as successfully devious in the oft-time necessary nefarious process of securing our country's safety from the enemy, "without." And the blame game goes on, unresolved.

Thank goodness good old Newt Gingrich came to the rescue. When he declared that it was Pelosi who lied, it confirmed to me beyond any doubt: She must be telling the truth.


Nicholas Zizelis


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