Charity Begins at Home
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Dear Editor:

We have enough H-bombs to blow up the world, so why are we spending so much money on defense? We are also spending big money looking for life elsewhere when we don’t even take care of our own lives here on the late great Planet Earth.

It’s no surprise to me, not only the condition of our economy, but also the obscene morals of our nation since the Woodstock era. The heartbeat of this filth is Hollywood and TV.

First of all, we have about 40 million more people in America. We have more people competing for jobs than ever before. Many are slaves to credit cards and inflated pensions. Unwarranted disability pensions given unjustly, welfare fraud and illegal immigrants add to our dilemma.

Where is the lottery money going? There are now about 50 scratch-off games plus the big lotteries. From the original dollar and a dream to a mini Las Vegas type and candy stores.

I was taught in school you can’t import more than you export. For the past 50 years or more we have gone against this rule of trading so the big business men don’t have to give healthcare and pensions to its workers. Is this the American way?

The Wall Street fiasco put the icing on the cake. If this continues, welfare will be a way of life for many and there’ll be only rich and poor in America. Crime will rise to a high level. We need to put a temporary freeze on immigration. Not everyone can own a home or are college material. It’s not a disgrace yet we give these people false hopes and waste money. Shame on those leaders who don’t protect our borders.

The bottom is there aren’t enough jobs for the amount of people here. The Mexican drug cartels are at war with each other in American cities.

In closing I would like to say, instead of helping other countries that hate us, take your head out of the sand, Uncle Sam, and leave that to the ostriches.


Vinnie Branigan

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