Courts Ignore Perjury, Willful Contempt & Domestic Abuse
by candy maeder
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I have a dear friend who is being abused, harassed and humiliated by lies, false police reports & false affidavits made by his x wife. They Divorced in 2009, (she left him) and he was awarded full custody of 2 children. She removed well over $500K, against court order, out the their bank accounts, including the social security trust funds for the children & another $24K taken from her 87 year old father-in-law that was meant for the children's college. She will not turn over the court ordered share of the money & it is believed she has approximately Three Quarters of a Million Dollars in her possesion. She has left him with nothing and is constantly appealing case after case & losing each and every time. My friend has spent over 100K in legal fees and is forced to represent himself due to lack of funds & his eldest going to his first year of college 9/13. His son was accepted to Cornell, but could not go, due to a serious lack of funds eaten by legal fees & the lack of child support. She is $40K passed due in child support & is in wilfull contempt of court. She gave the children $5.00 in total last month. She owns a co-op and 1/2 their home & sworn on the witness stand during cross examination that she has an IRA worth at least $100-130K & yet has been granted Poor Person Status based on her fraudulent, sworn, notarized affidavit. She was arrested in 2009 and plead guilty for forgery in 2010. She has lied & perjured herself repeatedly, filing false reports in 2 counties (Queens & Nassau) for the same issues!! The forensic reports states she has issues and is not credible & in this report it even states she attempted to blackmail the forensic psychiatrist with the threat that the doctor wanted to have sex with her where she states "who will the police believe, me or you?" and yet the courts continue to allow her to drag him thru the mud. The stress from all this legal BS is seriously affecting his health & the future of his two children

... Please.... Is there anything you can do to help him get her to stop these false reports & allow him to receive the $225K she is court ordered to pay him and get on with his life? My friend is a disabled retired NYC Firefighter who was decorated for his bravery for 9/11. Recently, during Storm Sandy he took several teens from Island Park into his home so their families could recover and fed, clothed & drove the teens to school for almost 3 months..

There must be something you can do...

Thank you for any help u can provide.


Candysue Maeder

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