Cuomo in charge
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What the hell is happening up in Albany?!

After years of doing essentially nothing, the State Legislature was actually able to take action on one of the most controversial issues in not only New York, but the entire nation, and actually legalize same-sex marriage.

Whatever your views on the issue, you have to admit that the mere fact that elected officials in the state capital were able to get past their usual partisanship, which has stalled progress in Albany for years, is stunning in and of itself.

So what exactly happened?

The answer lies in our new governor, Andrew Cuomo, who is using his popularity across the state to push lawmakers behind the scenes. According to a New York Times article, Cuomo allegedly told Republicans who were threatening to vote “no” on same-sex marriage for fear of backlash from their conservative constituents that “I am more of an asset than the vote will be a liability.”

Now that's some first-rate politicking.

This is a good sign from Albany. Eliot Spitzer cruised into the post of governor riding the same wave of popularity as Cuomo, but his brash style didn't sit well with lawmakers, and once he was connected to a high-class prostitution ring (can a prostitution ring be “high-class”?), any credibility he had was out the window. And when he resigned Albany turned into the wild, wild west, a situation that his replacement, David Paterson, was powerless to control. (Anybody remember the day two Democratic state senators jumped party lines and effectively shut down state government? That was a real shining moment.)

So, does this mean that things are about to change in Albany, and both Republican and Democratic - as well as upstate and New York City - elected officials can finally work together for the betterment of the people of New York State?

Meh, we're not holding our breath.

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