Defining a "mandate"
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Dear Editor:

“Mandate” may be one of the most intentionally, or unconsciously, abused directives. There are mandates and then there are mandates.

In the 2010 election, the House of Representatives was decimated with the influx of clueless freshman legislators and gained a Republican majority. The Democratic-majority Senate was sadly diluted and many Republican governors were voted into office. They enjoy referring to the election as a mandate.

In a distorted way, they are right. The vote was indeed precipitated by a mandate; a mandate unfulfilled.

In 2008, Barrack Hussein Obama, despite an unfortunate choice of middle name and in the minds of some, color, was elected President of the United States of America by an overwhelming majority with a mandate based primarily on his stated dynamic goals during the presidential campaign.

He had earned the majority House and Senate. What he did not have was the killer instinct necessary to deal with a ruthless, single-minded pack of wolves admittedly determined to take back the presidency regardless of the damage incurred upon their country.

After two years witnessing his naive attempt at diplomacy, the enthusiasm with his brave dynamic vision of our country’s future wore thin. Come 2010, those formerly enthusiastic voters did not show up, allowing the radical anti-government, anti-middle class, anti-Obama zealots to sweep into office.

This disappointment in President Obama’s failure to fulfill his mandate has been adopted and reinterpreted by the 2010 shoe-ins as their mandate. These deluded who were allowed to sail into office mistook it as a mandate and proceeded to overreach.

Well, now the no-show voters realize what their lackadaisical voting has cost them. All across the country the wake-up call is deafening. Recalls are running rampant and hopefully, although still disappointed with President Obama’s civilized approach in dealing with the duplicitous obstructionists, they will opt for intelligence, honesty and integrity and hope that the last few years has proven to our president that you cannot pet a mad dog.


Nicholas Zizelis

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