Did he have to dis the dog?
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We're not sure how we overlooked this here at Pol Position, but there was a friendly wager between Mayor Bill de Blasio and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti over the Stanley Cup matchup between the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers.

We guess we were just too caught up in the NBA finals and World Cup excitement. Or maybe we've just been spending a little too much time welcoming the summer months with those brand new Night Train Express-a-ritas we have fallen in love with. Most definitely the latter.

As we're sure you've surmised from all the moping around your twice-divorced uncle who works as a night janitor down at that factory by the waterfront has been doing the last week, the Rangers lost. Which means that the mayor of our fair city was forced to pay off on his bet to the, we must say, impeccably groomed Garcetti.

And boy oh boy, do we wish the Rangers had won and we didn't have to see de Blasio embarrass himself on national television!

As part of the bet, de Blasio had to make an appearance on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and sing the 1983 Randy Newman hit “I Love LA” to Garcetti. It was...interesting. You can watch for yourself on Youtube. Thankfully, the mayor had some adorable kids backing him up.

Another part of the friendly wager was that de Blasio would give everyone in Kimmel's audience a hot dog from Gray's Papaya. Unfortunately, that's when this “friendly” wager turned a little bit nasty.

Garcetti turned down his complimentary NYC frankfurter, opting instead to bring his own from some LA-based wiener joint, which according to Garcetti makes Gray's Papaya taste like “a steaming bag of New York garbage.”

What a gracious winner!

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