Don't raise taxes, just tax more
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Dear Editor:

President Barack Obama's proposed tax increases gives a free pass to the 46 percent of Americans who pay no Federal income tax. Increasing taxes on earners is just more redistribution of wealth from the haves to the so-called have-not's.

Why not ask ten million Americans who pay no federal income tax to contribute $1,000 each? That would raise $10 billion. Asking another 10 million to contribute $500 each would raise $5 billion. If another 10 million contribute $100 each that would raise $1 billion.

Start collecting on the several hundred billions in outstanding unpaid student loans and back taxes owned by deadbeat individuals and corporations. Save tens of billions by closing down military bases abroad, along with ending foreign aid to nations who take our money but refuse to help us.

Obama and the Democrats are clearly engaging in class warfare reminiscent of "free bread and circuses" for the masses in ancient Rome, which collapsed under similar economic crises to what we face today.


Larry Penner

Great Neck
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