Drive Angry revs up disappointment
by Nathan Orians
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This past weekend hosted the Oscars. The best of the best movies and actors, competed against each other for the little golden trophies. Is it a coincidence that on this Oscar weekend Nicolas Cage’s new movie “Drive Angry” came out? Yes.

Yes it is a coincidence. Sad to say that “Drive Angry” will not be one of 2011’s Oscar nominations. The movie stars Oscar winner Nicolas Cage as an angry man escaped from hell. On earth Amber Heard, an attractive young lady, joins Nicolas Cage and helps him in his quest. Why she helps him I ever really understood; she says something about be tired waiting for life to start.

A satanic cult killed Cage’s daughter and is planning to sacrifice his granddaughter in order to bring hell to earth. This makes him angry so he drives after them in classic cars and kills them. I tried to keep count of how many people he killed but I lost count at 20 people about 45minutes into the film. Cage kills his way through the movie, all the while being chased by William Fichtner, playing Satan’s accountant.

Movies like “Drive Angry” really test my professionalism. I truly believe that the secret formula to a great movie is Nicolas Cage, fast classic cars and a beautiful woman. “Gone In 60 Seconds,” which follows that exact formula, is one of my top five movies of all time; it is absolutely a guilty pleasure. This movie, while not as good as “Gone in 60 Seconds,” also follows that formula.

But I will be a professional, even though I loved the movie, I will try to give it the least biased I can be. Though it pains me to say it, “Drive Angry” is (take a deep breath) awful. It might just be the worst movie to come out yet this year. The plot is almost not there and the acting is bad. Even the Oscar winner drops the ball in this one. Don’t see this movie unless “Gone in 60 Seconds” is one of your top five movie of all time.

Rating: (1.5/5)
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