Flea Market Splurge
by dressrecycler
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Today was the day I decided was the beginning of the flea market season.  So in my winter coat, hat and gloves I schlepped to the flea market and made a brand new friend.  A friend that gave me a blogworthy, fantastic deal.

Brand new button down Short sleeve silver/gray dress
Brand new button down Short sleeve silver/gray dress $10.00

I love this dress so much and the fabric is a very good quality.  Because the original tags were still attached, I discovered the original retail price was $85.00.  Yay!

Newport News $10.00 velour jacket
Newport News $10.00 velour jacket

This jacked didn't have the original tags attached.  However, it was flawless and in near mint condition.   I told her to go ahead and throw that in too.

What a steal!  So that's $20.00 spent and I got two pieces that I can merge into my everchanging wardrobe that won't go out of style.  I can wear the dress during multiple seasons throughout the year-no question.  I can dress is up or down. 

The jacket will look great as a layering piece going into fall this year and will be rockin' once I put a giant rhinestone pin on the collar.

Deciding that was all the money I could spend today I did pop on over to the Goodwill store and sent out good shoe karma to anyone who wears a size 8 1/2 shoe......see below for the reason why:

Moschino strappy 4 inch heels w/ roses -$20.00
Moschino strappy 4 inch heels w/ roses -$20.00
$20.00 Moschino shoes-2 sizes too big....Can you believe it???  These were in excellent condition.  I hope they go to a good home as I will be praying for them tonight.
Been by the Goodwill in your town lately? Hit me up for future tips and tricks on buying vintage and 2nd hand clothing.  You too will learn how to spot great bargains in a flash like me!
I am-The Dress Recycler.
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