Frank Padavan won't make a comeback
by Larry Penner
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Rumor of a potential comeback attempt by former Republican State Senator Frank Padavan in 2012 is wishful thinking.

The defeat of Padavan by Democrat Tony Avella in 2010 represented the closing of one of Albany's longest running shows. There is no chance for a return engagement in 2012. Just like on Broadway, the curtain must come done sooner or later.

After 38 years in office, voters finally had enough of his voting record of supporting higher taxes, larger budgets, increasing deficits and excessive borrowing. Hiding his Republican/Conservative affiliations behind the "Nobody Cares Like Frank" party wore thin on intelligent voters. Republicans were reluctant to vote for a candidate who runs from his own party affiliation when standing for reelection. This explains why many GOP voters stayed home on election day.

Padavan's 11th hour conversion from career Albany insider to Koch-style reformer wasn't enough to earn him another term. Padavan's claim to fame in providing constituent service didn't qualify him for another term in office. Regardless of a public official's party affiliation, voters are entitled to constituent services. Taxpayers paid for district offices and staff to provide this basic function.

In 2008, out of 95,000 votes cast - Padavan came within 480 votes of losing to Democratic City Council member James Gennaro. This was partially due to his disappointing voting record. This includes consistently voting to increase deficits, annual excessive spending (twice to three times the rate of inflation), supporting several hundred million dollars worth of member item pork barrel projects, and participating in the adoption of 30 out of the past 38 budgets late during his term in office.

Padavan joined former Queens GOP State Senator Serf Maltese in retirement with a very generous pension courtesy of taxpayers. After working hard for so many decades, he is entitled to enjoy all the free time he now has to spend with his children and grandchildren along with his ample state pension.

At the Bayside Business Associations annual "Taste of Bayside" food sampling held on January 25, Padavan didn't work the room like other public elected officials. He elected to enjoy spending a quiet time with family and friends at his own table. This is not the actions of someone in political retirement anxious to get back into the game.

Thanks to Padavan Queens joined the Bronx and Manhattan with no Republicans in Albany. Democrats come out of NYC controlling 22 of the other 24 State Senate seats. This is the legacy Padavan leaves behinds to Queens Republicans, taxpayers and voters.

Any attempt by local Republicans and Padavan to attempt rewriting political history in 2012 is already doomed to failure.

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