Goldberg Reviews: It’s A Disaster
by Kenneth Goldberg
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It's A Disaster throws a monkey wrench into a couples’ Sunday brunch when a dirty bomb and gas attack hits town.

Rachel Boston, Kevin Brennan and David Cross play in a group of seemingly normal people that become increasingly unhinged as they face their inevitable death.

New Orleans native Todd Berger, the film’s writer and director, said he asked some friends about riding out Hurricane Katrina for inspiration of this casual disaster.

“They said they panicked at times, but there was a lot of magazine reading,” Berger recounted. “You can only stay panicked so long. After a while you see if any one wants to play cards".

Married couple Jenny and Gordon Alexander, played by Laura Adkin and Rob McGillivray, hold a brunch and invite the Kivels and two other couples for a seemingly regular game of tongue and cheek entertainment.

The Kivels, played by Rachel Boston and Kevin Brennan, are swingers who have an open sexual relationship and hit on just about anyone who has a pulse.

Hedy Galili, played by America Ferrear, has waited six years to get married to Shane Owens, an unlikable man played by Jeff Grace.

Julia Stiles is Tracy Scott; a woman who brings along her new internet boyfriend, Glen Randolph, played by David Cross, best known for his role as Tobias Funke on the cult-classic television show Arrested Development.

Despite the seemingly mismatched couple, David seems to be fit for Stiles' uptight character. In the end he unravels as well.

This wacky comedy made me laugh as the characters found different ways of driving each other nuts given that no one can leave the house. As they are locked up together as the disaster unfolds, old grudges, betrayals and all there borderline personality disorders are pushed over the edge.

While produced by Kevin Brennen, the ensemble of actors who come together for this one are not surprising.

I don't think I have seen the "end of the world scenario" played out in such a funny manner.

I guess you would call it a dark comedy, but the characters are so strongly written that it is easy to forget about the seriousness of their situation. I just scratched my head at how crazy each of these people are in there own way.
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