Halloran gets an endorsement of his own
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Last week, we told you how Councilman Dan Halloran lashed out at mayor Michael Bloomberg for endorsing Assemblywoman Grace Meng in their race to replace Gary Ackerman in Congress.

The mayor’s endorsement probably had just as much to do with liking Meng as it did getting back at Halloran, who has been an outspoken critic of the mayor’s policies, most recently over his pet project to ban super-sized sugary drinks.

After the endorsement, Halloran was noticeably upset, calling the mayor’s endorsement a threat “to freedom and prosperity,” which is one of our favorite uses of rhetoric in recent memory, which given our penchant for a few Night Train Express Sparkling Wine Coolers every afternoon, admittedly isn’t very long.

Well, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you that it didn’t take Halloran very long to land a big-name endorsement of his own. In fact, he’ll see you Meng’s Bloomberg endorsement and raise you one endorsement from Bloomberg’s predecessor, former mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Here’s part of the Giuliani’s comments on Halloran, which he delivered at a recent event at Terrace on the Park:

“The people of Queens are sensible, hardworking people who want and need a congressman like Dan, who will represent the middle class. Dan is a terrific candidate. He’s got all the right ideas. He believes in smaller government, the individual and letting individuals make their own decisions. He’ll fight for keeping taxes sensible, not taxes that destroy businesses.”

So far there has been no statement from the Meng campaign on how dangerous this endorsement is and in what ways it will threaten to destroy our lives as we have henceforth come to know them, but we’re sure it’s just moments away from popping up in our inbox.

And in a rare instance when we here at Pol Position actually give you a piece of information you might find worthwhile, a new poll by McLaughlin & Associates shows Meng and Halloran in a statistical dead heat among polled voters.

This particular poll shows that Halloran holds a 5 percent lead among voters who have heard of both candidates, and a 28 percent lead among voters who already have a strong opinion on one of the candidates.

Wow, all of those hard facts really tired us out. We might have to pop the cap on a Night Train Express Sparkling Wine Cooler a little early today.

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