Hello Senator Gillary!
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We here at Pol Position have never been much for tooting our own horn (although we have to confess that we have been known to grab the bull by the horns, as well as stir up a hornet's nest or two), but we couldn't let this achievement slip by without a mention.

Actually, it's not our own horn that we'll be tooting, but rather the horn of the editorial folks with the corner suites on the top floor of Ledger/Star HQ, who work so hard day-in and day-out (or rather week-in and week-out - they don't work that hard) to keep you informed and timely. (Can we say "toot their horn" in a family newspaper? Well, too late now.)

And every once in a while they are even ahead of the curve, enabling you to drop a morsel of little-known knowledge at your next fancy dinner party over white wine by the antipasto platter, or even over corn nuts and a pint of your favorite brew down at your local dive.

Such is the case a few weeks back, when the whole world was in love with Caroline Kennedy and couldn't wait to send her down to Washington, D.C. in a throne of top of a pedestal on top of a chariot pulled by eight of the strongest stallions that Joseph Bruno's upstate horse farms could breed.

Of course, that was before she, you know, gave all of those, you know, interviews.

But not the Ledger/Star! No, if you had been paying attention, some prescient folks on the Editorial Board lambasted Kennedy for thinking that her family pedigree and instantly recognizable political name were qualifications enough to take over the seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton, and thereby become the next junior senator representing the good people of New York State. Instead, they threw out the name of Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand, or as we like to call her, Gillary.

Now, of course, we would be lying to you if we told you that Pol Position was on board with this from the very start. We, like probably most of you out there, said Kristen who? "Holy Chuck Schumer!" we thought. "Where did they dig up that name? Does she even live in New York City?"

We also made our disbelief known to some members of the Editorial Board while they wanted for the "up" elevator and we waited for the "down" to ferry us to our dank and dark basement offices. We wish we could say we did this in a dignified manner, but in actuality it involved childish name-calling, several prank phone calls, a bit of schoolyard bullying, and even an anonymous blog: www.ledgerstarlovesgillary4ever.blogspot.com (since removed).

Looking back, we're not proud.

Although, that could just be because they turned out to be right, and had Kennedy - or even Anthony Cuomo - been chosen instead to replace Hil, we would be updating our blog right now instead of writing this column.

So, you can imagine our shock and embarrassment when we opened up last weekend's paper on Tuesday morning and discovered that Governor David Paterson had actually chosen Gillibrand to replace Clinton. (Which made our Monday blog post all the more shameful!)

So congratulations Editorial Board, you actually got one right. And to our loyal readers, we promise that next week we will be back to chronicling the humorous affectations and political shortcomings of our elected officials, with a little bit of our characteristic self-loathing and insecure ramblings sprinkled on top.

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