Henry Cross, Assistant Executive Director/Hosh Yoga
by Chase Collum
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Since joining the Hosh Yoga team, Henry Cross has made it his mission in life to bring cost-effective health and wellness programming to the masses.

“Health and wellness doesn't have to be a burden,” Cross says. “It is key that the community at large get a sense that there is a sensible way of offering cost-effective and fairly-priced programs to people who need them most and can afford them least.”

So far, through 20 separate programs across the city, Hosh has served 3,500 adult New Yorkers, and through their one-year-old Hosh Kids program, they have facilitated classes for 3,000 youngsters.

Cross had what he would call an “unhappy childhood,” living much of his younger life in a state of transience. It was through the movement and meditation that Cross began his own journey toward personal healing, and now he wants to share that with the world.

About a year ago, Cross and his team spearheaded the establishment of the first Hosh-associated class for seniors at the Millienium Senior Center on Taylor at Division Avenue.

“Soon, we will be sponsoring a senior yoga teacher training 16-hour course for yoga teachers for them to have to tools to teach seniors,” Cross said. “We will ask teachers in the class to offer 12-week course at a senior or community center.”

While his contributions to the health and wellness community have already gained him much praise from colleagues, Cross is now working to firmly establish health and wellness programming into the public sector.

“I am actively having discussions with education, community and political leaders on how we can get health and wellness practices into the public health and education system,” says Cross.

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