How many more lives will be lost?
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Dear Editor:

Another week and another child gone. When will it stop? When will we as a society strive to prevent children from taking their own lives? For every child that takes his or her life, there is someone who didn't ask them "Are you okay? Is there something bothering you?"

We must enact stronger anti-bullying legislation. You may not agree with a child's lifestyle, but you must agree that every child's life has worth and meaning.

These are trying times and it is easy for us to let children fall through the cracks.

From the time that kids can sit up, they are too often placed in front of a television set, left to be nurtured by a cartoon. Television was meant to entertain, not to babysit.

Sometimes, our children are telling us volumes by not telling us anything at all. Too often, they don't know how to talk to us because they don't think we know how to listen.

Don't assume that your child's life is perfect just because you haven't heard anything to the contrary or just because you give them everything they want. We should never lose sight of the fact that giving them everything they want is not the same as giving them everything they need.

Don't judge them by how well they play sports or how good their grades are.

We have become too obsessed with telling our children that they have to be the best, pressured to be perfect.

Every kid at one time or another feels alone and isolated. And when they feel that they are alone, we must be there to show them they are not.


Charles Merendino


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