How to Win Friends and Dominate Your Fantasy League
by John Jastremski
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It’s that time of the year. The weather is about to chill and that buzz in the air means football is just a few weeks away.

What a time to be alive!

Since my fantasy baseball season has gone up in smoke, I’ve had the itch thinking about how I will be approaching my fantasy football drafts.

How exactly should you go about yours?

Well, there are a couple of different ways to skin a cat, but we’ll try and do our best to help with a few tips.

1. Prioritize star power at RB early.

Nailing the right running back gives you the ability to have consistency across the board. Think about if you chose Marshawn Lynch over Lesean McCoy last season. It’s a position that gives you the chance to get rushing and receiving yards. Value those dual-threat guys.

Of course Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell and David Johnson will be early picks who can fit the bill, but if you have a top pick don’t over think the simple play.

2. Avoid taking a QB not named Aaron Rodgers until at least round five.

The quarterback position in real football is without question the most important position on the field, however in fantasy football it shouldn’t be prioritized early in your draft. Why?

There are so many high-quality quarterbacks you can snag that will deliver their fair share of points. For example, Carson Wentz was a guy who last year was going pretty late in a majority of drafts and was on his way to becoming the MVP of the league.

There is plenty of depth at QB in the Matt Ryan’s and DeShaun Watson’s of the world. I suggest you wait to take a quarterback until at least the fifth round.

3. Don’t overvalue your local heroes.

I can sense it now: drafts across the tristate area will see Giants and Jets players falling off the board at will.

Don’t reach for your local guys. Of course, players like Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley are going to be high draft picks, but be mindful of what the average draft position for both is shaking out to be.

You may already have that man crush on Sam Darnold, but make sure he’s yours at the right price.

4. Make sure you know the rules of your league.

This seems like an obvious one right? However, you would be surprised how many people sign up for fantasy football leagues and do not understand the specific stat categories.

Find out if each individual reception will count for a point, find out how many points a passing touchdown is worth.

These specifics can be costly if you do not comprehend and understand.

5. You play to win the game, focus!

Yes, it may be your dopey fantasy league, but treat your team with a ton of TLC. Check your rosters, monitor the waiver wire, make sure you know who is playing and who is inactive.

Simple tips, but if you’re gonna play, might as well win right?

Happy drafting one and all!

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