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Dear Editor,

I have read Ed Konecnik's letter (“Guns & Ignorance” - March 22), and here we have a civic-minded person who has not only identified why we have a recent growth in shooting problems, but has also offered a solution.

The genius behind his solution is that it should not offend anyone and certainly does not call for more useless gun laws or stripping away anyone's constitutional rights.

His comments regarding our children not being able to handle rejection and failure because all they have known is the fuzzy false feeling of accomplishment when they receive awards and accolades for just attending a competition regardless how they score or succeed is right on.

Years back, when Barack Obama won his first term and again on his reelection, those who did not vote for him were not offered grief consoling in schools. They did not go out and loot and burn cars and buildings.

They simply got up, shrugged it off and went to work to continue to try to build a better America. Many young Americans seem to have ideals and facts confused.

I hope parents can instill good work ethic, community values and personal pride for a job that is well done in their children, because these simple things are not being taught in our schools and society is now the worse for it.


Philip Siess


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