Independents, rise up!
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Dear Editor:

If you are a Republican or Democrat you really don’t have to do much thinking about the candidate or issues – your focus is to support your party. And each party will vigorously promote to excess and bend the truth to suit their perspective.

So as a party member you don’t have to be concerned about the truth, you just have to support your team – that’s called loyalty and that’s what is really important.

Like supporting President George W. Bush after 9/11 when he told us that Saddam Hussein was connected to al Qaeda and had weapons of mass destruction and we invaded Iraq in a war that killed thousands and cost billions of American dollars.

Gee, maybe the truth does matter. Maybe this two-party system isn’t so great. Maybe we should think more about all this.

That’s what independents do – they try to figure out the truth instead of latching on to the ideology of party politics. And believe it or not, the Founding Father’s warned us against the distortion of party politics that put party ideologies ahead of what is best for the country.


M.P. Kowal


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