It must have been lost in the mail!
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It appears Mayor Bill de Blasio didn't want his frenemies crashing his town hall meeting in Bayside this week.

Roundly criticized for not being more accessible to the public, the mayor has been holding town hall meetings across the city, but might have been a little concerned about his most recent one in Bayside devolving into a situation he didn't want to have to handle.

Which might be why he sent such a passive-aggressive invitation to a self-proclaimed “vocal critic” of the mayor in State Senator Tony Avella.

Avella alleges that while other elected officials in the area received amply notice of the event, Avella only received an email the night before, which was sent to an unused campaign account and his chief of staff. To boot, Avella was also unable to leave Albany as the state legislature is in session.

Avella said it was the mayor's attempt to invite him without really inviting him, you know like when you don't invite that person you secretly despise to your party and when they find out about it a week later and confront you, you reply “what?! But I told so-and-so to tell you about the party!”

“The mayor understood, to a degree, that it is beneath the office of the mayor not to invite an elected official to a town hall in their district,” Avella said in a statement. “Which is why he tried to have his cake and eat it too by sabotaging my invitation, hoping to argue on a fairly weak technicality that it was nevertheless sent.”

When asked about it, the mayor simply responded that the man was invited.
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