James Gulliver Hancock, Illustrator
by Lisa A. Fraser
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James Gulliver Hancock is crazy about buildings. He draws them all the time - in his spare time, for work, to just get his creativity flowing. Actually, James Gulliver Hancock cannot stop drawing. He must do so everyday, even if it's a doodle, even if it's an illustration of the yellow school bus that he spots outside of P.S. 188.

“I feel cranky if a day goes by and I don't draw something,” he said.

It's a creative passion and it was the only thing he loved since he was a child. Growing up in Australia, while his friends contemplated what they would do with their lives, he knew he was going to be an artist.

After bouncing about the world, Hancock is now residing in Brooklyn's Carrol Gardens. He works as an illustrator in the old Farber pencil factory in Greenpoint, where he shares the space with fellow artists as he works on drawing buildings and other objects.

Hancock loves buildings so much he has created a project for himself to draw all the buildings in New York City. His blog, allthebuildingsinnewyork.blogspot.com, is dedicated to this venture. It's the stories of the buildings in this city that keeps him intrigued.

“The density is what makes cities interesting, especially in New York,” he said. “When you cross over a bridge and see the vista of buildings and when you can see the details of them, it's good.”

Inside a building there is always a story that he could imagine or find out that intrigues him even more about New York.

His blog project has led him to one art class in P.S. 188, where the children were drawing their buildings for an assignment. For him, it was fascinating.

He wrote on his blog after, that it “was great to see how they draw so freely, and hear all the stories about how they perceive their city, where they come from, and the histories of having grown up here.”

His blog has also led him to an offer with a publisher to have a book published of his illustrations of buildings. But before that takes off, he is currently working on creating the city of Naples for a magazine in Europe. As an artist, Hancock doesn't mind being mainstream.

“I enjoy being commercial about my art,” he said. “I like making it for other people so that they could enjoy and make a connection.”

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