Mark Krawczuk, Creative Instigator
by Chase Collum
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While most creative types are content to call themselves artists, Mark Krawczuk believes that he is more of a instigator.

“I work on both the creative side and the production side of things. Saying creative director/producer confuses people,” Krawczuk explained. “Creative Instigator, while confusing as well, at least is a fun way to start the conversation about how I work with people. In the end, it means I basically look at chaos and find order, and I move that order into action.”

Having lived in New York his whole life, Krawczuk has been involved in some of the most interesting installations and explorations in the city, including Tactical Brunch and an experiment with providing a local Wi-Fi network to L-train riders, complete with a chat room where fellow straphangers can converse with each other.

His latest project, Competitive Winter Picnicking, will take place this weekend in downtown Brooklyn, and came about from some of the chaos that Krawczuk thrives on.

“It was sort of an exquisite corpse of an idea that just sort of sprang into being, so I decided to run with it,” he said. “I was discussing an idea for an entirely different event, and my friend misunderstood what I had texted to him. I was texting with another friend at that moment as well, and crossed my conversations, so I wound up sending her some very confusing messages, which only made the idea more absurd.”

Out of the absurdity, the Competitive Winter Picnic was born, and Krawczuk explains that the contest is pretty straightforward.

“Come out and have the time of your life while having a picnic in the middle of winter,” Krawczuk announced. “The judges will swing by and picnic with you, and then move on. At the end, they award three main awards and a plethora of certificates.”

He is asking picnickers to simply bring something “unique, memorable, delicious and that you can enjoy for two hours,” and the “Best In Show” will receive a cake and bottle of whisky, the “Winner” gets a trophy and First Place will receive a blue ribbon for their efforts at a carefree afternoon.

While the weather will surely play a part in how popular the event will be, Krawczuk is looking forward to seeing how this idea plays out.

“Being the judge,” he said, “my main aim is to get access to a ton of picnic baskets and to hang out with great people.”

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