Maybe It Is Him After All
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Dear Editor,

Kudos to Tom Nolan’s 11/3 column, “Maybe it’s me”. Appearing in a later issue of your paper was a long-winded diatribe by a letter writer, deriding Mr. Nolan with such enthusiasm as to beg the alternate comparison, “Maybe it’s he.” On what planet is this fellow living? I didn’t think there was anyone who could or would still attempt to seriously with a straight face, defend the Bush administration.

The mocking of Mr. Nolan with “likely to pull us out to “see” and drown us”; it seemed rather Mr. Nolan was pulling us out of any delusions in order to “see” the disaster we have witnessed during the past near eight years. That is the route from which we must depart and a CHANGE of course we so desperately need.

Then there is the suggestion by the writer that he or any number of those of a similar view, by voting twice have the right to restrict my freedom to vote for a candidate of my choice. That is absurd and puts a whole new spin on one’s freedom to vote. If one does not like a candidate, don’t vote for him or her. The person with the most votes wins. That’s the less than complicated theory behind voting. Not incomprehensible at all.

Also, the self serving question asked by the writer, “why then is it that the Democrat-controlled Congress, …happens to be even less popular…” than George Bush? Is that a serious question? In the 110th Congress there is a mere 51-49 majority for the democrats, drastically less than the 60 needed for a filibuster proof Congress. That meager proportion allowed a congressional record of 104 filibusters led by chief obstructionist Mitch McConnell added to the veto of Bush, to quash most any legislation presented by the Democrats. That is the simple reason. In the 109 congress with the Democrat in the minority there were 54 filibusters.

Finally, the question of what Bush policies are not very popular. Crimes against our Constitution is a good start. There is also the Bush Doctrine (just ask Sarah Palin about it), suspension of Writ of Habeas Corpus (It was unconstitutional for Lincoln as well), torture (Cheney entertainment); it would take a letter equally as verbose as the one to which I am responding to detail each and every one of the unpopular Bush policies, some of which I feel are worthy of his impeachment as well as his Vice President, the operative word being vice. This, despite the fact that some may feel they are not as threatening to our civil rights as is a peccadillo with a 21 year old woman.


Nicholas Zizelis

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