Midway Nursing Home subject of state investigation
by Holly Tsang
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Midway Nursing Home in Maspeth is under investigation for not reporting a resident's injury.
Midway Nursing Home in Maspeth is under investigation for not reporting a resident's injury.
Midway Nursing Home in Maspeth is under investigation by the State Department of Health (SDOH), seventeen months after the death of 65-year-old resident Adriana Neagoe.

NBCNewYork.com reported last Thursday that Neagoe’s nephew, Cristin Buiciuc, is suing Midway after Neagoe’s fall from a bed surrounded by guard rails which resulted in her death six days later.

Biuciuc told reporters his aunt said before her death that she was dropped on her head. Furthermore, Neagoe was paralyzed with the exception of one arm, so Buiciuc maintains she could not have fallen on her own.

The State Health Department’s records indicate that Midway received an average of 43.5 complaints and incidents per 100 occupied beds. The statewide average is 24.4.

“The resident’s fall was not reported to us and it should have been. State regulations require that nursing homes report injuries to the State Department of Health,” said Claire Pospisil, a spokeswoman for SDOH.

Pospisil said the State Health Department can levy fines up to $2,000 per incident. Buiciuc is reportedly seeking punitive damages and reversal of the final $51,749 bill the family received from the nursing home.

Midway Nursing Home’s administrator could not be reached for comment.

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Mary Lois
October 23, 2013
This place is a living hell no only for the resident but for the employee too. The resident are neglect and always smell bad. The employees are yelled and screen by the supervisor all around the hall. I have no idea how this place is still running, need to be close down.
March 17, 2012
they're greedy. They mistreat patients. none of the staff speak any english they are all illegal immigrants and steal from the patients (clothes, slippers, any gifts, etc.) plus, they keep patients who have living wills alive when these people and their families would appreciate it if they could die in peace. this place really is Hell on earth. A former relative of my husband's said she was an inmate, 3 days before she died. And to be honest, it was a relief considering the Hell she was in. Screw this place. Get some legal immigrants who don't sit around discussing how they want to get married to a rich white man and get a green card.
March 23, 2011
How this facility is still running is beyond my comprehension. Patients are continually mistreated, they are not fed properly, in all its not the place where you would want your loved one to be. The administrator, Mr. Kohn, could careless what happens to the patients. He is more interested in what is being served to him from the nasty kitchen!
January 28, 2010
Comments about this place have been around for ever. How can the regulatory agencies allow this to happen forever !!
January 27, 2010
When looking for a nursing home for a loved one last year, I was told by a hospital social worker that Midway was a "death trap." I do know it hasn't had a very good reputation over the years. May the woman rest in peace.
Yoyo 22
March 29, 2013
They are killing my family member

right now. I am glad to have seen this because I see it is not only my family member. They want to get rid of him because he has mental illnesses and sent him to a hospital where THE SAME DOCTOR IS "TREATING" OR MISTREATING HIM. They are making him very sick to let him die. I am trying my upmost to get him out of that hospital and, especially,away from that doctor.
November 15, 2013
Getting my mother in law out of this place ASAP! we found dropping in the cabinets and night stand, room was freazing until family arives then they put heat in the room (everyday). garbage accumulates, floors are dirty, walls are nasty and I won't tell you about the backed up toilets.