New Yorkers refused to live in fear
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The threat of multiple bombs, including one that actually exploded, would normally cripple a city. But in New York, it was business as usual.

That's a testament to the character of the people that live here and the professional and efficient law enforcement agencies.

In times of true terror, average people often deter to authority and those tasked with keeping them safe. There wasn't a minute in any New Yorker's mind when they didn't feel safe, knowing that if you take a swipe at New York City, you're going to get swiped back.

So this week, we should celebrate the response from law enforcement in the city. They quickly dealt with the second potential explosive device just blocks away before anyone could be harmed, and in a matter of hours after the suspect's name was released, officers had him in custody.

This was a team effort between officers in New York and New Jersey, plus the federal law enforcement agencies. Preventing a terrorist attack, especially a seemingly lone wolf attack, is nearly an insurmountable task, but how you respond and handle the threat once it's here and imminent is the difference between 29 with minor injuries and a significant loss of life.

Damage was mitigated because the alleged perpetrator of this attack was thwarted before he could do any more damage. Even when he was involved in a shootout with police, he was taken down quickly and efficiently.

The people of New York City showed true character as well. While the rest of the world panicked, New Yorkers got up on Monday morning, got dressed and hopped on the subway to work. In New York, fear does not dictate our day-to-day lives.

We were reminded this week that New York City is the most unique place on the planet. It's full of strong and resilient people who, despite everything, will never be afraid.
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