Nothing New About the New World Order
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Dear Editor:

The term “new world order” was first used by President George Bush, Sr. in a speech delivered on September 11, 1990. Although Barack Obama has not used the term, Zbignew Brzezinski, his most important advisor, spoke about it. He stated in 1995 that there was no world government and it would require a gradual process of “globalization” building the new world order through progressive regionalization. The supranational EU in Europe is an example of that regional approach as is NAFTA in our own hemisphere.

Although Obama and Joseph Biden are not members of the Council on Foreign Realtions and the Trilateral Commission, quite a few of the people chose for their administration are. These two groups want a new world order which is socialism and world government. Even though Obama campaigned for “change,” his administration will be more of the same.

A new world order can never be imposed on a thriving America whose productivity and power is in stark contrast with the rest of the world. Merging the US with other nations is possible only if our country’s uniqueness is significantly watered down so it no longer stands apart from the rest of the world. So our CFR influenced leaders commenced building socialism here at home by creating the social-welfare state, foreign aid and entangling the US in an assortment of sovereignty compromising pacts and agreements (the UN, WTO, NATO, NAFTA, etc.)

We must use our freedoms to save our freedoms.


Janet McCarthy

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