Now we can fight the real battles
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Dear Editor:

Finally, our troops are out of Iraq without the oil which precipitated the phony invasion and without the lives of our 4,000 men and women unknowingly fighting and dying for it.

We eradicated Saddam Hussein, we made Iran powerful and victorious, we allowed our war in Afghanistan to languish, and it only took nine years. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, at least Dick Cheney’s Halliburton did well, as did the other private contractors. Obviously Cheney still feels there is profit to be made from this fiasco, since he wants us to stay there. If Cheney thinks it is wrong to leave Iraq, judging from his past misjudgments, it must be right.

Let us hope that come 2012, voters remember the “Comedy (read: Tragedy) of Errors” that out present administration inherited from the previous. We have the opportunity to end the futile struggle in Afghanistan, save our country from the disaster of an ever-increasing inequity of wealth, and eliminate a host of other destructions heaped upon our country by that previous administration.

The alternative is continued tax breaks for the wealthy on the backs of the middle class. Bye-bye Medicare, Social Security, Education Aid, all programs necessary for the middle class to rise. We are at the crossroads of our country’s future. Either we relinquish all to the benefactors of today’s version of the Republican Party and the Conservative Supreme Court’s invention of the “Corporate People,” or stand firm for the real “People People.” The choice is in the hands ,or more accurately the votes, of the middle class.


Alan Johnson


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