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by Grace Carmen
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If you live in Forest Hills and actively care about public safety, quality of life, and emergency preparedness, chances are you know Heidi Harrison Chain, candidate for the 29th Seat in City Council being vacated in December by Melinda Katz.

Born and raised in Forest Hills, Chain cares passionately for the community and the legislation that makes its wheels turn. “I’m running to improve the community I care tremendously about,” said Chain. “I have a immense amount of experience and expertise so I have the qualifications to make this happen.”

At the top of Chain’s agenda is finance. With empty store-fronts popping up almost every day in the city, Chain would like to create a tax package similar to the one introduced after 9/11 to bring businesses back into the community.

The candidate is currently a director in the Office of Legal Affairs of New York City Department of Finance, where she has worked for 20 years.

“I have a different kind of understanding of how government works,” said Chain. “Things can be done more efficiently and there can be many, many improvements.” Other issues on the agenda include public safety, senior services, and youth programs.

Chain has done a great deal of volunteer work in the Forest Hills area, including with the Vial of Life Program, a project established to enhance response in home emergencies.

She also helped implement the Criminal Justice Youth Project at Forest Hills High School.

Chain said she is running not because she needs a job, but rather because it is as a council member that she feels she can make a greatest impact on people’s lives.

“I’m not a politician, I don’t want to be a politician,” said Chain. “I want to do things to restructure our community and reach out to everybody so people here can live with a high quality of life.”

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September 03, 2009
So sorry that Heidi didn’t get the PBA Police Union backing…I’m sure she’s calling Chief Pizzuti at this moment and kvetching about it, keeping her on the phone for endless hours about nonsense…all her work with the 112 Precinct down the drain! The PBA knows her true colors. Now let’s elect someone with some class and charisma!

August 23, 2009
Ms. Harrison-Chain is such a waste, she copies her opponents ideas, such as a 24 hotline, 7 day a week office hours, helping with affordable housing and all the other issues she hears them discuss at forums or meet & greets. This coming from a person that lives in a house worth over 2 million dollars, and is funding her own campaign as oppose to participating in the campaign finance program. She gave herself $70,000 in the last filing from her personal wealth, and it is clear that she has a lot of wealth they she could risk wasting in a election that she clearly cannot nor should win. This is a race that is clearly between Kosolwitz and Schulman, and everyone in District 29 should and I do believe understands that on Sept 16, 1 of the 2 of them will be addressed as Councilwoman. She has also received another $5,500 from her husband and son, not to mention the approximately $5,000 from the partners and co-workers of her husband at Deloitte & Touche [which incidentally does business with the City]. Do we really want someone representing us who is going to pretend at being civic minded, and make pretentious comments about her “good conscience” when she knows full well how her numbers are stacking up and that she is better off strategically not participating in the public matching funds program? Just ask anyone in any of the myriad number of groups that Ms Chain volunteers to chair; that is, if you can find a member not stupified by some mind-altering substance to control their individual personality disorder! Ms Chain has a history of twisting the law to suit her own needs, for example, wrangling around the term limits law with her third 'election' as Community Council President? How many other people that we need on our side will she alienate? Like all the police commanders she has alienated over the years with her loathsome demeanor and unusual behavior? How many other laws will she violate to achieve her own self-serving, self-centered needs? If you want real change and no stupid chiches, vote for the other candidate! Any other candidate!