Only Bloomberg Has The Right Stuff
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Dear Editor:

“We need the New York City Mayor more than he needs us.” In these tough and complex financial/economic times we are fortunate to have Mayor Bloomberg among us with his expertise and experience in money matters. While may think the $700 billion bailout is a solution, it is really just the beginning.

The only person around to guide/navigate us through the difficult times ahead is Mayor Michael Bloomberg; privately he proved his case already. What is needed is for the people and the City council to understand or see the Wall Street and worldwide financial crisis with its potentially severe impact of the city demands his steady hand thoroughly sound, tough business decisions. The mayor can initiate instinctive significant financial strategies with the new lengthy financial regulations in context to the Wall Street bailout and the City. The leadership change at City Hall will not necessarily address the financial and economic issues of concern we are confronted with clarity insofar as we know, the mayor always acted in the public interest or he doesn’t need private campaign contributions and doesn’t owe big business favors or explanations. What we need is invaluable and irreplaceable economic guidance, the financial crisis has exploded far beyond Wall Street and will continue. The City term limits law was set by two referendums in 1993 and 1996. However, the law doesn’t specifically ban the Council from amending it. We are confident that Mayor Bloomberg can deal and solve the enormous challenges with globalized connections we face, he showed a clear grasp with details what matters most. These are extraordinary times. We are in the midst of a financial emergency. The mayor can confront them with solutions and make a difference.

He should not be allowed to walk away from the City, misgivings or outrage from others will not help the financial crisis and its relevance to our City-State and worldwide problems and uncertainty.

The mayor understands that with financial discipline in place, it should help weather the fallout from the Wall Street mess and turn our fortunes around. Besides, he started a lot of projects beneficial to the city people, he wants to see them through. The real global meltdown has yet to come, but when it does, Mayor Bloomberg will be able to deal with the crisis of confidence and stock and credit market consequences, etc.


Alfred B. Rayo

Institute for Strategic Studies- Research Center for Peace and Democratic Justice

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Minister C.J. Di Don
March 14, 2009
It's quite obvious to me that some in our community are drinking to much of the kool-aid that King Michael Bloomberg has been giving them to keep repeating that same ole mantra that he is the only man in NYC to save it from financial disaster. I'd like to remind all these Kool-Aid drinker's that their hero never picked up a shovel at ground zero to suck up the fumes that unfortunately took the life of Detective James Zadrega back in 2007 who the Mayor and his Chief Puppet, Medical Examiner Charles Hirsch claimed that this hero from our society had deliberately (some how) was ingesting asbestos and other toxic material's into his body so that his 5 year old daughter would receive some form of monetary compensation from the city that upset the parents of the detective ( Mr. James Zadroga Sr. & his wife Linda) so much that His Highness (to save face with the public) gave them permission to speak to him after his Chief Medical Examimer Charles Hirsh had threatened them not to go public or speak to any reporter in an attempt to stifle the truth about their son's story. I can only assume that these Kool-Aid drinker's all agree that the Mayor is a tough hombre, even if it require's that he take the food out of the mouth of the 5 year old daughter of one of our hero's to balance the city budget.

Minister C. Di Donna
December 12, 2008
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is estimated to be worth 20 Billion Dollars. Back in Feb. of 2003, the Mayor was responcible to revoke the parking permits of three of our NYC Councilmen from parking their vehicles at City Hall to prevent them from representing their constituents from their districts. Most were forced to use taxi cab's to get to their job's at City hall. The reason? All because they voted against his real estate tax hike's. Back in early July, Mayor Bloomberg threatened to bank roll any opponent in the coming election's against several of the Councilmen who did not vote for his Congestion Pricing Plan. This is a man who one political leader said and I quote: He (the Mayor) is not use to anyone saying no to him. We the public have voted and we say no to Mayor Michael Bloomberg in his quest to seek a third term in public office.In my opinion, this corporate micro-manager does not want to lose his political immunity while in public office from possible Federal prosecution for discriminating against three pregnant woman who lost their job's in his company. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has the obligation to the people of our state to investigate all off these allegation's in a public forum and remove this tyrant who is quick to call a deceased 9/11 responder who had died from breathing in the toxic air at ground zero "not a hero" should be removed from public office and sent packing to his corporate headquarters were he and his cronies could abuse more pregnant women.I have a friend who was a 9/11 responder and was just notified that something was growing in his lungs. I'm sure the Mayor will tell his 16 year old daughter that her father (God forbid) was not a hero and that they would not be eligible for any monetary compensation and to "do more with less" All from an arrogant wealthy man who never picked up a shovel at ground zero.

Minister C.J. Di Don
December 12, 2008
The 20 Billion dollar Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg does not believe in Union's or the freedom of speech for employee's, let alone allow any union to tell this tyrant & micro-manager what to do & according to a May 30, 2008 article in the New York Post this is what this corporate dictator had to say about those (like the three women who were forced out of their job's of his company because they were pregnant) who he hire's for his company & I quote: "I just hopefully hire people who are a little more responcible, that's the first thing I worry about",

"I've always thought that when you work for somebody, you have an obligation to not write a tell-all book afterwards and that's true whether you're in an administration or whether you're working for a private company". It's time for a change & allow union's to represent the working class of America in corporate America.