Pol puts his money where his mouth is
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Move over Bloomberg, there's a new set of deep pockets in city government.

By now you've probably heard that Michael Bloomberg refuses to take a salary for his services as mayor, paying himself just $1 a year to run New York City because he's got so much money that the pittance that we would be able to pay him is so insignificant he doesn't even want to bother with having to go to the bank and cash the check.

Newly elected councilman Peter Koo has taken the concept a step further. Koo still collects his salary, he just cashes his check and gives all of the money away! That's right, when other politicians say that they are happy that they could get the money to pay for this or build that, what they really mean is that they were perfectly happy to take your taxpayer money and find something to spend it on, but all the same they are fond of referring to it as “their” money.

But when Koo says that he was happy to pay for some pet project in his district or help out a local non-profit, he really means it. Granted, Koo's salary technically comes from taxpayer dollars as well, but once payday rolls around, those dollars belong to him. Indeed, last week Koo made good on a campaign promise to donate all of his salary to worthwhile organizations in the district, beginning the process of handing out bags of cash.

Hey Councilman Koo, as long as you're just giving away the money, we have at least one staffer at the Pol Position who lives in your district and wouldn't mind a handout this holiday season – a couple thousand should suffice. Just get in touch with us and we'll give you all of the pertinent financial routing numbers.

But seriously (we know, Pol Position, serious? Even we're laughing as we type), but kudos to Koo for the gesture, he could just keep the money and bath in it or use it to light his cigars even he doesn't necessarily need it. Koo owns a string of pharmacies in the Flushing area, and apparently business is good. Very good.

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