Queens Ledger Endorses Bloomberg
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg with publisher Walter Sanchez.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg with publisher Walter Sanchez.
Going along with the City Council's decision to overturn term limits may not have been a popular move, but if New Yorkers want strong leadership and a mayor who is going to make the tough decisions to keep the city moving in the right direction, then they should give the current mayor four more year at City Hall.

That's why this paper is backing Michael Bloomberg in 2009.

Bloomberg is a trusted independent thinker, a fact he has proven during his tenure in office. Those of us who remember an unsafe city and previous administrations know that most of our concerns, complaints, and sensible solutions to the city’s problems fell on deaf ears.

New Yorkers can’t argue with overall improvement in the quality of life here in the past eight years. Bloomberg has accomplished this through accountability - accountability with schools, police, and sanitation.

We point to one sensible program that few other mayors would dare try: 311.

Think about how difficult is was to get a pothole fixed 15 years ago. Now just call 311, like thousands of New Yorkers do every day.

How simple was that? A sensible program with action, results, and accountability built in.

Beyond that, he gets results. Crime is down across the city, and the mayor's willingness to take control of the city's schools has resulted in higher test scores and graduation rates.

A vote for Bloomberg is voting for a different kind of politician, an elected official who enters office without the baggage of partisan politics or political favors.

If you want to keep New York City moving forward, give Michael Bloomberg four more years in office.

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Troy Davis
August 19, 2009
Wow! I didn't even realize the Queens Ledger was for sale.

The Bloomberg/Quinn law to extend term limits was an absolute disgrace, and an affront to democratic principles. How could the City Council be allowed to overturn the will of voters in order to extend their own and the mayor's term limits? It doesn’t stand to reason.