Racing in the streets
by Andrew Shilling
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The 104th Precinct Community Council
The 104th Precinct Community Council
Reports of street racing have once again surfaced in the 104th Precinct.

At last week’s Precinct Community Council meeting at Peter Cardella Senior Center in Ridgewood, a Middle Village resident told Captain Christopher Manson that there has been regular drag racing near his home on 76th Street and Juniper Boulevard North.

“There are kids or young teens in the middle of the road, while cars line up, and drag race,” he described of what he called a nightly event. “God forbid anybody gets killed.”

This comes just months after reports of street racing at nearby Highland Park.

He said he is not only fearful of his kids and family, but he is worried that his neighbor with dementia and other elderly residents in the neighborhood could get hurt or killed.

One resident stood up during Ramusevic’s account of the racing and said she often sees teenagers racing their motorcycles near Juniper Valley Park as well.

“Every night, between seven and eight o’clock, they go zooming down the block,” she said. “They have kids on these motorcycles.”

Ramusevic also said that there is drinking and apparent drug-use in the park.

“This is something that is going to elevate and get worse, and I just want to avoid that,” Ramusevic added.

Manson assured residents living near the park that the precinct would, “immediately see enforcement in that area.”

Manson also recalled the precinct asking for speed bumps several months ago, however he wasn’t sure where or when they would be installed.

“It’s months after you file paperwork for something like that,” Manson said. “We’ll follow up and look into that.”

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October 29, 2013
How about all the houses being Graffitied lately?

Buildings, Houses, cars, and in the early AM mornings?

Robberies, Graffiti, and chronic tickets at the Meters making life difficult for residents.

Volunteer patrols is the answer.

Take back the Community.

Make citizen arrests.
June 05, 2014
We don't do drugs.

When we race it's at 12-1am not 3pm when kids are out

I hate how media over takes things to far