Republican Empty Suits
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Dear Editor,

As the Republicans gear up for the debate this week, we still see the Trumpster ahead in the polls. It’s expected that he will bring his reality show loudmouth tactics to the debate, and many will tune in to see the fur fly.

Every other candidate is frantically pressing their staff for talking points and one-liners to take the Donald down a peg or two. The Fox entertainment audience is ready for red meat, and will most likely not be disappointed.

But does such stuff a president make? And would those Trump supporters today really vote for him to be the president of the United States and leader of the free world if he ever got the nomination? I doubt it.

Trump’s mouth may make for good Jerry Springer afternoon TV entertainment that pits husband and wives and friends and lovers against each other, only to be broken up by bulky stagehand security guards before the punches fly, but it is far removed from the qualities necessary for president of the United States. You can’t run the government that way. You can’t fire everybody you don’t like.

The problem for the Republicans is their ideas are bankrupt. They say they want to “take America back.” Back to what? Back to when 14 million people didn’t have healthcare and used the emergency rooms costing us billions of dollars?

Back to when the right to marry wasn’t a civil right? Back to when Wall Street could play roulette with our money and cause another housing and stock market crash? Back to when a woman didn’t have the right to choose?

Back to when there was no verifiable deal with Iran on the table to reduce their nuclear weapon capability and create a path forward to a safer world? Back to when we had no Social Security or Medicare and seniors were on their own for survival at age 65?

Back to when we had no environmental regulations to keep our air and water safe for consumption? Back to when there were fewer jobs and higher unemployment?

There is no way back, only forward. To date, none of the Republicans offer any vision for a better future. Their platform is bankrupt and nobody wants to go back.


Tyler Cassell

Flushing NY

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