Republicans Are In Trouble
by Tyler Cassell
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Well, our one-time local embarrassment is now the only Republican left in the race.

Donald Trump is now guaranteed the party nomination for president, and Ted Cruz goes back to Congress where he has no friends and John Kasich goes back to being governor of Ohio. The problem for Donald Trump is that he’s alienated so many folks on the way up, that it seems all but impossible for him to win the national election.

About one-quarter of Republicans say they won’t support him no matter what. When you add that to the 90 percent of Latinos and 60 percent of women, there aren’t many people left in the electorate to vote for him, except the older angry whites that got him this far.

Many say they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton just as an anti-Trump vote, while other Republicans have decided to sit this election out and wait until 2020 in hopes that a more electable candidate will emerge.

The party bigs are trying to get Trump to change his tone in order to recapture those he’s alienated, but that is a tough row to hoe. Once you call people names and demean them, an apology means nothing because those folks know down deep inside that the apology is disingenuous.

America doesn’t need a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde president who is unpredictable and volatile. World leaders fear him more than we do and some have come out and said so. We can’t risk alienating our allies in a world that relies on our image of strength and leadership.

America is not a country that builds walls, discriminates against religions we don’t like, or threatens to use nukes to solve world problems. We think before we speak, as we should.

The Republican Party itself is in trouble and it’s their own fault. They’ve tied up Congress by refusing to move forward on important issues, spent millions of dollars on worthless pursuits like the numerous Benghazi hearings that found no wrongdoing, and the continued hateful treatment of Planned Parenthood, which most people know provides many women with necessary health services.

The vitriol and discriminatory side of the party is now wielding the power, and it has the moderates in a real predicament because they don’t feel aligned with them. Some in the party are already voicing support for Trump, but many others are running the other way or remaining mum.

The Bush family has chosen to remain mum, and Romney tried unsuccessfully to destroy Trump support. Others up for re-election are afraid of getting voted out for supporting Trump.

Will the big money supporters of the Republican Party open their wallets to cough up the $1 billion it is going to take for the national election? Will they fork out campaign money when they know that The Donald is not going to win? Will they give money to Trump even though he is not in line with their conservative platform?

We will have answers to these questions in the near future. These are truly interesting times.

Tyler Cassell is a resident of Flushing.
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