Sandinistas, this the 2013 race for mayor?
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The race for New York City mayor is starting to take on some pretty lofty political agendas beyond whether so-and-so supported extending term limits or not.

Republican candidate Joe Lhota has been aggressively targeting his opponent, Democrat Bill de Blasio, for taking a page out of the “Marxist playbook” with his “tale of two cities” campaign message.

He also went after de Blasio for his past support and admitted admiration of Nicaragua's Sandinista party during the Reagan administration, which came to light in a recent New York Times article.

De Blasio apparently traveled to Nicaragua when he was just 26 years old to distribute food and medicine. But Lhota has tried to paint the trip by a young de Blasio as a pivotal time in his life that shaped his dangerous political ideology for the rest of his life.

We have to admit a bit of ignorance on the history of the Sandinista party, but rest assured we are currently researching its views and policies on garbage collection, bike lanes and universal pre-K so we can really find out just where de Blasio stands on the issues.

But if you thought the de Blasio campaign was just going to sit idly by and let Lhota's camp dredge up a bunch of stuff from the past, then you, dear gosling, have underestimated the de Blasio campaign.

In a New York Times interview, Lhota recently admitted that Senator Barry Goldwater was a “boyhood hero,” which the de Blasio camp seized on, calling Goldwater an “extreme conservative” and attempting to paint Lhota with the same brush.

Thankfully, they did it in an entertaining manner by releasing the “Top 10 Facts About Joe Lhota's icon, Extreme Conservative Barry Goldwater.” Here they are (in no particular order, we assume):

1. Goldwater Explicitly Supported GOP Extremism and Denounced Moderation: “Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice.”

2. Goldwater Opposed the Brown vs. Board of Education Court Decision, Stating Racial Segregation in Mississippi and South Carolina is “Their Business, Not Mine.”

3. Goldwater Voted Against Civil Rights Act of 1964.

4. Goldwater Claimed the Civil Rights Act Was Unconstitutional and Would Promote Racial Intolerance, Opening the Door to a “Police-State System of Enforcement.”

5. Goldwater Supported the Use of Nuclear Weapons in Vietnam.

6. Goldwater Explicitly Aimed to Reduce the Size of Government and Repeal Laws.

7. Goldwater Considered American Labor Leaders More Dangerous than the Soviet Union.

8. Goldwater Refused to Condemn McCarthyism.

9. Goldwater Condemned Non-Violent Protests, Calling Them Nothing More Than a “Fable” and Inherently Violent.

10. Goldwater Advocated Leaving the United Nations After China’s Entry to the Organization.

We can't wait until the de Blasio campaign digs up an elementary school essay written by a first-grade Lhota justifying the existence of Santa Claus.

“What alternate reality is Joe Lhota living in?” read a statement from the de Blasio campaign. “If in 1961 Mr. Lhota couldn't even see the writing on the wall about the existence of Santa Claus, how can we expect him to work for the middle-class families that are quickly disappearing from New York City? Are we just supposed to wait for some guy in a red costume on a flying sleigh to swoop in and deliver the services they so badly need from city government?”

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