Scholarships Can Help With the Cost
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Our research on the scholarships available from our Top High Schools is quite revealing. Monies available vary at each school from year to year, but although it might appear that the process for applying unfolds much the same way as it does for a student applying for college, it does not.

For college admission, students send out dozens of applications and colleges send back a letter stating acceptance and how much in scholarship and aid dollars they are willing to give you. For the student applying to a top high school, a choice of schools (in order of preference) must be recorded on the TACHS exam, given on November 9 this year. Register here.

The numbered choice is crucial to the schools themselves. Our Top High Schools might not typically offer any scholarship to a student who puts their school as second or third choice. But some do, so read further.

For colleges, if a student desperately wants to attend that school, there are usually ways to squeeze money from the school. That’s an important concept in understanding our Top High Schools. The schools we have profiled in this issue do indeed feel the same way. In fact, we have found if a family member has attended the school they are more likely to give you a break.

“Family is always family,” said Nick Melito, director of Admissions at Msgr. McClancy High School in East Elmhurst. “If an uncle, cousin or brother has gone here, we know that the family believes in us and we tend to want to continue that legacy.”


Some schools put more admissions and scholarship weight on the standardized test score (TACHS), while others lean more towards grades. A few give their own tests, and if you score high enough, you will be offered all kinds of financial incentives to attend the school. Most schools remain fairly consistent from year to year with how much they offer and to what kind of students.

St. Francis Prep awards nearly 100 incoming students some kind of financial scholarship. There are typically almost 3,000 applicants for the 700 freshmen seats.

St. John’s Prep in Astoria awards numerous academic scholarships, most of which come from the school’s Board of Directors. A test is administered with the top ten scorers receiving full scholarships, the following ten being offered half-tuition, and the next ten receiving quarter-tuition.

Only students who have an overall average of 85 or above are encouraged to take the exam. There are other scholarships available as well. The test date is November 16.

The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates typically says first choice is imperative to get a scholarship, and $250,000 in scholarship money is typically designated for the incoming class.

St. Agnes in College Point offers a competitive scholarship exam. Full and partial scholarships based on that test and the TACHS. The St. Agnes exam is Tuesday, November 5, at the school at 4 p.m.

Archbishop Molloy awards scholarships through a competitive exam to students who have at least a 93 average in math, English, science and history at the end of seventh grade. Molloy seniors notched $47 million in college scholarships last year.

Msgr. McClancy gives scholarship offers to students who choose the school as their number one choice. Students who hold averages above 95 would be offered the full scholarship, as long as their discipline was fine and TACHS scores was above 95.

Students with 90 to 94 averages in 7th and 8th grades and scores between 90 and 94 on the TACHS are offered half scholarships, while those with a better than 90 average in 7th and 8th grades and score of 85 to 89 on the TACHS will receive partial scholarships. The second child from the same family at the school gets half off tuition.

Martin Luther School in Maspeth offers scholarship awards based on scores from an Academic Excellence Scholarship exam given this year at the school on November 16. They also offer the exam in January. Just call the school for an information packet. Typically, the top 20 scorers will be offered financial incentives to attend the school.

Dominican Academy for girls is set in a cozy townhouse on East 68th Street in Manhattan. Students who score well on the TACHS and indicate keen interest in their school are invited to take a scholarship test in January.

Several scholarships are available, based on merit and need, ranging from one-time grants for an incoming freshman to a scholarship covering all of a student’s tuition that is renewable each year. A personal interview is critical to the scholarship application process.

Xavier High School on 16th Street in Manhattan offers a scholarship test this year on November 23 at 9 a.m. Students need to score in the top 10 percent on TACHS, be a straight A student and have strong showing on the scholarship exam to be considered for financial aid.

Notre Dame in Greenwich Village uses TACHS scores as well as grade school marks when considering scholarships. Students who put Notre Dame first or second get preference over third-choice selections. Limited financial aid based on need is also available.

St. Vincent Ferrer typically gives scholarships based on TACHS scores and 6th, 7th, and 8th grade marks. On TACHS, scores must be 90 percent or better.

If scholarship opportunities for your school of choice are not included above, just call the school.
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