Senior centers saved! Oh, wait...
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And the winner in this week's edition of terribly misleading press releases – Queens Assemblywoman Marge Markey!

A little background: so you've probably heard about the pending closures of over 100 senior centers in New York City thanks to Governor Mario Cuomo's proposed state budget, which allocates Title XX (don't ask us, we don't know what that means either) money normally used to fund the centers elsewhere.

If you don't have any idea what we're talking about, pick up a paper every once in a while! (Actually, just thumb through the one you've already got in your hand, we're sure the folks over on the editorial side of our humble publication did an inordinate number of stories this week on the issue. Can anyone say “overkill?”)

Well, we were shocked and elated (hey, we care about seniors) when we got a press release from Markey's office declaring the following:

Assembly Action Will Guarantee Funding to Keep Maspeth Self Help and Other Queens & NYC Senior Centers Open --- $25 Million for NYC Centers is Allocated in Assembly Budget to Keep All in Full Operation says Assemblywoman Markey

Well now, that's some pretty big news! But it also got us to thinking that big news like this is exactly the type of thing lots of people like to take credit for, so we were surprised when we didn't get an avalanche of emails from every other member of the Assembly in and outside our coverage area also declaring the senior centers saved.

Then we did some digging.

Yes, the proposed assembly budget does allocate those Title XX (sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it?) funds back to the senior centers. Heck, they might even still be there when the assembly actually votes on the budget, which is happening as we go to press.

And then, who knows, maybe those Title XX funds will still be allocated to the senior centers when the State Senate actually gets around to voting on the budget, and maybe, just maybe, when the governor and Albany lawmakers get done wrangling over what the final state budget will actually look like, perhaps those funds will still be allocated to the senior centers.

Which, goslings, is a lot of “maybes” - “maybe” being a far cry from “guaranteed.” As it turns out, the reason we didn't hear from every other member of the Assembly up in Albany is because saving the senior centers is still far from a done deal.

But it sure did make for a nice photo op for Markey.

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