Star wrong on OFA & Lopez
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Dear Editor:

Your front-page story regarding an alleged "joining" of forces between Organizing for America (OFA) and Democratic County Leader Vito Lopez was unfortunate and inaccurately presented the work of OFA. 

Most importantly, the article served as a spin-fest for the County Leader, whose blatant power-grabbing tactics and anti-democratic practices have been strongly criticized by reformers and true Obama supporters and organizers such as myself. 

OFA did not "join forces" with Lopez, though he would like us all to believe that.

The Brooklyn Downtown Star did not cover OFA's appearance before the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats (CBID), Brooklyn's premiere reform club, which I arranged. 

The presentation- similar to that which has been made all over New York State- focused on strengthening Democrats in marginal Congressional districts within this State, and other efforts to give our president the strongest hand possible in dealing with the Republicans. 

We may not be thrilled with everything that happens in DC, but we understand the incredible value this president has had to our nation and our party.  And we understand there is much more to do.

If elected this September to be the next male State Committee member from the 52nd Assembly District, I will be diligent and energetic in bringing rank and file Democrats information that we all need to improve and strengthen our Party.  That's what these OFA meetings are about.  It is this commitment to education and empowerment that makes other elected officials nervous about my candidacy- particularly Mr. Lopez.


Chris Owens

Candidate, 52nd Assembly District

State Committee (Male)

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